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Student Email has Changed

KPU's IT department has made changes in 2023 that affects student email, O365 and OneDrive accounts.

Why was the change made?

This change allows for greater connectivity between students and faculty at KPU.  Some features of O365 that were previously unavailable to students are now available. This allows students and faculty to collaborate within Office 365 apps like Microsoft Teams seamlessly.

The IT department began moving active student email accounts in batches in January 2023. All mailboxes were moved by May, 2023.


What do you need to know?

  • Your student email address changed from “” to “”. 

  • Everything in your current email account was moved to your new account.

  • Students were notified via email a week before the mailbox was being migrated

  • Once the migration was complete all your email was located in your new mailbox.

  • Email sent to your old email, “…” will auto-forward to the new email, “…” for 2 months after your mailbox has been moved to the new server. 

  • If you used OneDrive your files needed to be manually moved to your new account


What you need to do after the change Clear your cache

  • Clear your browser cache 
  • Use your new email address to log in -  The New Email Portal at

  • You will be prompted to Re-register for Self-service Password Reset (SSPR) on your first login to your new email. 

  • The direct link to SSPR registration is here.

  • (Optional) Set up an auto-reply message on your new mailbox to notify any senders that your email has changed.

  • Instructions for setting up an auto-reply


The password to your email account for your old OndDrive is the same password as 
If you don't remember your password, you need to reset it for your email using SSPR in OneLogin
Once the password is changed or reset, it will sync to the account within 5 minutes.


The deadline for transferring your OneDrive files to your new account was June 16, 2023.
After the deadline, any files stored in your old OneDrive account ( are no longer accessible.  


Your Email and OneDrive is safer

  • Safe Links and Safe Attachments features is enabled on the new server.

  • Your email account has additional Information Security protections applied by the Microsoft 365 Safe Links and Safe Attachments features.

  • This solution is another layer of protection but it should not replace your overall cyber awareness knowledge. See to learn more.

  • These features help protect mail recipients from scams and malware by scanning the content of web pages and attachments linked to and included in emails, and shared via OneDrive.

  • To learn more about how these features work, see


If you have any questions about this project, please contact the IT Service Desk