Access to Global Learning Award

CICAN Access to Global Learning Award

The Access to Global Learning Award funds virtual and in-person study/work abroad experiences for KPU students in order to widen access to global learning opportunities.

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As part of the funding from the Employment and Social Development Canada’s Outbound Mobility Pilot Program Global Skills Opportunity Fund (as administered by Colleges and Institutes of Canada (CiCan), KPU created a needs-based and character-based Access to Global Learning Award in 2021. This award seeks to encourage innovative approaches to reduce barriers to mobility and increase the number of Canadian students that participate in outbound mobility experiences and prepare them for the labour market.

Considering that one of the biggest barriers to pursuing studying abroad opportunities is the financial burden, students accepted into a study abroad program will be able to apply for up to an $8,000 scholarship to support their study abroad endeavors.

The Global Skills Opportunity Fund is slated to end by March 2025. Funded experiences must conclude by March 2025. 


Applicants must

  • be a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen
  • have applied to/been admitted to a KPU Study Abroad program: In-person exchange semesters, field schools, summer schools, Nursing Global Learning Experience Virtual exchange program (Academic, Extracurricular, or Internship) COIL courses. The fund will only be awarded upon acceptance into an international experience of choice.
  • Meet one of the 2 categories as listed below (for more detailed definitions, please refer to the application):
Category 1: Target Student GroupsCategory 2: Other Eligible Groups
  • Students with disabilities
  • Students with low-income
  • Indigenous students
  • Students studying a program in a non-traditional destination
    • For the purpose of this award, non-traditional destinations are those other than the UK, USA, Australia, and France.

Note 1: Preference and priority will be given to students who are going on their first international experience. 

Note 2: In-person mobility will not be permitted in countries (or regions within countries) with travel advisories from the Government of Canada recommending the avoidance of all travel or non-essential travel. Please refer to for more details.

Funding Amount

COIL Classes 
$250 or $500 CAD 
Virtual Opportunities 
$500 or $1,000 CAD
In-person Short Term
$2,000 or $3,000 CAD
In-person Semester Exchange 
$5,000 or $8,000 CAD 

Application Criteria

Applicants are required to submit a completed digital application with the following:

  • Completed digital application:
    • Unofficial transcript
    • 1 academic reference letter
    • 1 community reference letter
    • Completed essay questions
    • Budget worksheet
      • For in-person mobility, a detailed budget listing expected expenses while abroad (students can use this website as a reference)

Note: If you have previously received this award to support your international experience, you might not be eligble to re-apply and receive it again. Please check more with your study abroad coordinator if that's the case.

Request an application form from and submit it by the deadline.

***The application criteria for COIL classes may be different from the above. Please kindly reach out to for more details. 


Deadlines follow the application deadlines for programs. For example, if the Exchange application for Spring 2024 is due June 15th, the AGLA award application will also be due. Please check the program deadlines: 


Virtual Global Learning (Internships & Extracurricular):  

Request an application form from and submit it by the deadline.


Download and complete this pdf application digitallyKPU Study Abroad General Awards Application.pdf

Upload your complete application to the MoveOn application portal by the application deadline. If you have any questions you can email or book an appointment with our Study Abroad Coordinators on AdvisorConnect.

For a successful application, it is important that you:
1.      Read all the information carefully and complete all the requirements
2.      Submit the application and required documents by the deadline to
3.      Email and meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator to confirm your plans and ask any questions

The project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program


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