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Virtual Exchange – COIL

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) courses

Did you know you can study with international peers around the world while registered in a KPU class? Register for one of the below elective courses.

What is a COIL course?

A KPU course with a COIL component is one that is designed with international engagement in mind. You will work with another classroom across the world, collaborating on projects, lectures, discussions, or joint material.  You’ll get to meet new friends from other universities, build intercultural communication skills, and learn from a global perspective.

Imagine: An intercultural communication class with a Mexican university where you work collaboratively with other students on a student magazine. A world history class with an Austrian university where you participate in a 3-week online discussion. An introduction to the Global Business Environment course where you’re working with 2 other students from Brazil on a business presentation.

Why should I take a COIL course at KPU?

  • Build global problem-solving capacity ​
  • Connect with classmates all around the world ​
  • Learn about the subject from another perspective ​
  • Earn KPU credits – no need for a transfer credit!

Fall 2022 COIL Classes

Course Code CRN No. Course Name Partner School Prerequisite(s) Course Schedule Instructor Contact
ENGL 3390 36558 Studies in Indigenous Literature and Cultural Expression  Nottingham Trent University (UK)

18 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher, including 6 credits from courses in ENGL

Thursday 4:00pm-6:50pm (In-person) Jennifer Hardwick
SOCI 3330 36507 Contemporary Sociological Theory

Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil)

SOCI 2235 Friday 1:00pm-3:50pm (In-person) Fabricio Telo
HRMT 2115 36403 Human Relations in Organizations Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico) 30 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher, including BUSI 1215 Wednesday 1:00pm-3:50pm (Blended) Lesley McCannell

Spring 2023 COIL Classes

Course Code CRN No. Course Name Partner School Prerequisite(s) Course Schedule Instructor Contact
HRMT 4125 14883 Organizational Development  

Amsterdam School of International Business

All of: (a) HRMT 2500 and (b) ENTR 3100 or ENTR 3150 

or ECON 3150 or ECON 2350

Thursday 4:00pm-6:50pm (Blended Synchronous) Monica Affleck

Summer 2023 COIL Classes



The process of registering for COIL courses will be the same with regular course registration. Click here to register.  

Testimonial and Course Showcase

“I would love to have at least one COIL class every semester.  It really changed my whole academic experience and my personal life. I’ve been so eager to have that experience again… It really broadened my horizons.”  - SUNY COIL

“It was a great chance to apply course learnings in real life.  This ranged from challenging ways of thinking (e.g. my assumptions) as well as how I communicated - I learned to consider my audience and possible differences.” - KPU Anonymous Student

“Gave good practice working with a variety of people from different backgrounds.  Also gave experience working with international partners, which may likely be a part of my career.” - KPU Anonymous Student

"The course, however, was much more interactive than I expected, and I have not only learned to appreciate Mexico's culture and communication norms but also to stay friends with many of my groups' members who participated in the COIL collaborations...The organization and instruction of the course allowed us enough flexibility to apply course knowledge to real-world applications and to discover just how many layers a culture can have to interact with and value." Christopher Cutler, KPU Students

Below is the photo showing Christopher Culter interacting with students from KPU partner school, University of Monterrey (UDEM) during the COIL course. Check out their work here



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