Visiting Students

Who are Visiting Students?

A visiting student is someone who is enrolled in another post-secondary institution and wishes to spend one or two semesters only (4 to 8 months) at KPU without earning a credential from KPU. Visiting students pay international student tuition and fees. If a student comes to KPU as a visiting student, they cannot extend their stay at KPU in order to earn a credential unless they reapply as a regular student and go through the standard admission process.

How Can I Become a Visiting Student at KPU?

  1. The first step is to complete the 

     and email it to There is a $120 CAD application fee. 

  2. Prepare your admissions package, which consists of the following documents:
    • Receive permission from your institution in the format of a letter to study at KPU for one or two semesters. You may also use KPU's 

      Template if your institution does not have one.

    • Download and fill out the Incoming Visiting Course Approval Form.
    • Be sure to prepare a digital or printed copy of your transcript. The transcript must be in English or accompanied by a translation done by a certified translator.
    • A digital or printed copy of your valid passport.
  3. Mail/email the completed package to KPU International (address available on the application) by the appropriate deadline.
  4. After receiving your application and ensuring that you meet our requirements, KPU International will send you an acceptance letter (by email) to confirm your official acceptance to KPU as a visiting student.

Selected programs may have additional requirements that students must fulfill, such as the Fine Arts program, where students may be required to submit a portfolio for review.

What Can I Study?

Visiting Students can apply for any of KPU's Open Intake programs. No Limited Intake programs are available. To check the full list of Open and Limited Intake programs, please visit KPU's Academic Calendar.

Does a Visiting Student Need to Meet KPU's English Proficiency Requirements?

Visiting Students are not required to satisfy KPU's English Proficiency Requirements through the standard processes. For example, examination results from tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE are not required.

Your institution is responsible for indicating on the 

that your English Proficiency is satisfactory enough to adequately operate in a university-level English speaking environment. Visiting Students are not given special consideration for assignments or examinations due to perceived language disadvantages.

Moreover, while admissions requirements governing English Proficiency may not apply, please note that certain undergraduate courses have specific pre-requisites (such as prior courses and grades) for successful admission. KPU reserves the right to request Proof of Language Proficiency.

As a Visiting Student, how do I Request to Register in a Course that has Pre-Requisite Requirements?

Once KPU International has received your Incoming Visiting Course Approval Form and a copy of your transcript, our team will process the request. You must ensure to be prepared to submit additional documentation such as a portfolio, Letter of Interest, or a resume/CV. To learn more about specific requirements the course you are intending on taking has, click here

What are the Deadlines?

The deadlines for submitting your complete application package, including your final course selection list, are:

Fall (September to December)June 15
Spring (January to April)November 1
Summer (May to August)February 25

Can I Work in Canada During My Stay as a Visiting Student?

No, you cannot. In accordance with IRCC regulations, Visiting Students are not qualified to work during their studies.

I've Been Accepted, Now What?

Congratulations on being accepted at KPU! Once you have been admitted as a Visiting Student, you will still need to complete the following:

  1. Access your Registration Time and Enroll in Classes. Information regarding how to find out your registration time and how to register for your classes can be found in our registration guide.
  2. Pay Your Tuition Fees. Make sure to pay your tuition fees before the Fee Payment Deadline. Failure to pay your fees on time will result in a late penalties fee. Please go-to methods of payment for more information on how to pay your tuition. If you need to drop your classes due to extenuating circumstances, it is critical that you drop them before the Fee Payment Deadline. Please visit the following link to familiarize yourself with Full Semester Dates & Deadlines.
  3. Attend Orientation - Every student's successful transition to life at KPU starts with a mandatory, informative and fun-filled event called New Student Orientation. Current KPU students will introduce new students to the campus, answer questions, and help with preparations for the first day of class. New students are asked to bring their student number, photo identification and study permit (if applicable) in order to get their KPU student ID card and learn more about the benefits you will receive as a KPU student.
  4. Arrange Your Accommodations - Need help finding a place to live? KPU does not provide on-campus housing, but we can provide you with some helpful resources. 
  5. Medical Insurance - It's important to have medical coverage while in Canada. All incoming international students are automatically enrolled in the 'KPU Temporary Medical Insurance Plan' upon registration in classes.

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