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Housing & Transportation Options

Since KPU does not provide on-campus housing facilities, all students arriving from outside of the Metro Vancouver region will need to find a place to live. We are pleased to provide some suggestions to help you locate comfortable accommodation that best meets your needs.


Homestay programs allow students to live in a Canadian home as a member of the family. Students share meals with their hosts, participate in family activities and conversations, and establish friendships with people who can help make the adjustment to new surroundings much easier. If this housing option appeals to you, please refer to the options below:
First Choice International Placement Inc
Tel: +1.604.984.0868

Homadorma collects and qualifies homestay hosts throughout Metro Vancouver.



Cypress Accommodations
Students looking for more independents options and who want to stay in downtown, Vancouver can choose from the apartments, residences and hotels also offered by Cypress.

Tel: +1.604.568.5108 or +1.604.568.7190

Global Education City (Student Residence)
GEC provides fully furnished, safe, and comfortable accommodations to foreign and domestic students at affordable rates.
Their goal is to give students an effortless transition into Vancouver so that they have more time to spend on their studies and social activities.
Tel: +1.604.669.6686
Harmony Homestay
Harmony Homestay has a diverse database of homestay families to be able to provide a variety of options when choosing a homestay family.
Tel: +1 778 232 1003

Additional Housing Options

If Homestay is not your housing preference, you can use various Internet search engines and rental property boards to locate your own lodging. There are many different types of living arrangements available, including: one-bedroom apartments, two, three and four-bedroom apartments, basement suites/apartments, a single room in a house, shared houses, etc.

Be sure to take into account important details when deciding on the location of your lodging, such as: travel time to school, proximity to shopping, public transit and other amenities, and the dates that you expect to move in and move out. The TransLink website ( is a helpful tool to determine public transportation commuting times.

The Kwantlen Student Association has partnered with Off Campus Housing 101 to provide a free website for students who are looking to find off campus housing. Visit to check the current listings around KPU!

Disclaimer: The web links above are provided as a courtesy to students. KPU does not verify the information in these listings and web sites, nor are the listed properties subject to any form of University inspection. KPU does not take responsibility for off-campus rental accommodation.
If you would like to find out more about your rights and responsibilities as a renter/tenant in British Columbia, check out the helpful TRAC site online: . Be sure to read '5 Ways to Protect Yourself as a Tenant' by clicking on the Publications tab on the TRAC website. We also recommend you read the following two articles from CBC News covering Online Rental Scams and How to Avoid a Rental Scam.

You are also welcome to join the KPU International Facebook page and use this as a venue to make contact with other international and exchange students who may also be looking for accommodation and/or roommates. Of course, you must have a Facebook account in order to access this page.


Since most international students will not have access to a personal mode of transportation (such as a car), it is comforting to know that there are reliable transit systems at your fingertips.

Airport Transportation

If you plan to land at the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, you have the option of taking a taxi, a limousine, or using TransLink public transportation to get to your next destination in the Metro Vancouver area. Be sure to have available an easily-accessible copy of the street address and city name that shows where you are headed to next.

Rates vary, depending on your destination and your mode of transportation. If you will be living in the city of Richmond, Surrey/Cloverdale or Langley, it is recommended that you take a taxi (or limousine) from the airport to your new home.

Estimated costs (in Canadian dollars) of travelling from the Vancouver International Airport
  By Taxi By Limousine
To Richmond $15 - $20 $35 - $50
To Surrey/Cloverdale $50 - $75 $60 - $80
To Langley $90 - $100 $150

Here you will find detailed information on the variety of transit options to get you out of the airport and on your way to your next destination:

Public Transportation

Vancouver's regional public transit agency, TransLink, provides extensive transportation services in Metro Vancouver, including Bus (road passage), SeaBus (passenger ferry), SkyTrain (automated rapid transit system), and West Coast Express (commuter rail) services. Detailed information regarding schedules, maps, and fares can be found here:

Note: KPU students who regularly commute between the Richmond and Surrey campuses for classes, for example, use Translink's convenient bus 'number 301' to get them there on time.

Inter-campus Transportation

KPU is a multi-campus university and we are pleased to provide students, faculty and staff with shuttle bus service between the campuses. This convenient method of transportation will get you safely from one campus to another. And it is easy to use: simply show your valid KPU Library ID card to the driver as you get onto the bus. No payment is required. Note: You can pick up your Library ID card once you arrive at the beginning of the term. Note: There is no shuttle service to and from the Richmond campus. Instead, take Translink's bus 'number 301' for direct service between the Richmond and Surrey campuses. See inter-campus shuttle bus schedule.

Distance and Travel Times from Campus to Campus

With five campuses spread across Metro Vancouver, you are advised to always check the campus location of your courses before registering and be careful not to register for back-to-back courses on different campuses. If your course plan must include registering for courses on different campuses, plan for adequate travel time between classes, keeping in mind that you may have to rely on the shuttle bus schedule, for example, to transport you from one campus to the other.

For your convenience, here is a guide to travel distance (in km) and approximate driving time (in minutes) between KPU campuses:

KPU campuses map


  Richmond Langley Cloverdale Surrey Civic Plaza
From Surrey to 24.1 km (25 mins.) 18.9 km (40 mins.) 13.5 km (20 mins.)   8 km (20 mins.)
From Langley to 43 km (50 mins.)   6.5 km (10 mins.)

18.9 km (40 mins.)

19 km (30 mins.)
From Cloverdale to 36.4 km (40 mins.) 6.5 km (10 mins.)  

13.5 km (20 mins.)

16.4 km (30 mins.)
From Richmond to   43 km (50 mins.) 36.4 km (40 mins.) 24.1 km (25 mins.) 27 km (40 mins.)
From Civic Plaza to 27 km (40 mins.) 19 km (30 mins.) 16.4 km (30 mins.) 8 km (20 mins.)