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There is no doubt that the financial implications of going to school in another country can be daunting. Therefore, it is important that you have a clear overview of the costs of living in Metro Vancouver so that you can approach your decision-making wisely.

Confirmation Deposit

To accept your offer of admission to KPU, you will have to submit a confirmation deposit.

  • For open intake programs, the confirmation deposit is $2000
  • For limited intake programs, the confirmation deposit is $2500

The confirmation deposit will be applied towards your KPU tuition.

Tuition and Other Fees

Tuition is $658.03 per credit, as outlined in the University Calendar. While most courses are the equivalent of 3 credits, others (such as lab courses) may consist of 4 credits. Full-time status is minimum 9 credits.

Students must carefully check the overall number of credits required for the successful completion of their program, and determine their total tuition by multiplying the total number of required credits by the cost per credit. For example: A four-year degree is the equivalent of 120 credits; 120 credits x $658.03/credit = $78,963.60CDN (plus additional student fees).

*A credit is defined as a unit of measurement for university courses; assigned credit value for each course is determined by a formal process at KPU. Each undergraduate program has a total number of credits that must be successfully completed in order to receive the final credential (i.e. diploma, certificate, degree). 

Living Costs

In addition to tuition and other course-related costs, students must account for the expenses of living away from home for an extended period of time and make provision for items such as: accommodation, food, transportation, entertainment, travel, and all other personal living expenses.
It is highly recommended to create a personal budget in order to effectively manage one’s finances.

Costs might vary depending on how many courses/credits you decide to take on a semester. Here below is simulation on the different options for one semester of study.

Living Cost Simulation 2017 international KPU

Medical Insurance/Health Plans

Temporary Coverage

All new international students will be automatically enrolled in KPU's Temporary Medical Insurance Plan upon registration in classes for their first semester.

Coverage begins on the first day of the month before the start date of a semester.

Students will be enrolled in this temporary plan for each semester until they can provide proof of coverage in the province's health care plan. The temporary plan provides coverage for basic medical costs and services and is in addition to the KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan.

New international students beginning studies at KPU during Session Two will be assessed the Temporary Medical Insurance Plan at a flat rate of $100. Coverage period begins on the first day of Session Two and ends on the Semester Coverage End Date. Opting out will be handled solely through the carrier.

Opting Out of KPU's Temporary Medical Insurance Plan

Students who have already arranged approved coverage are required to complete the Online Temporary Medical Insurance Opt Out formProof of BC Medical Services Plan (BCMSP) coverage can be demonstrated by submitting either one of the following options:

KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan

The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) has implemented, by means of a student referendum, a mandatory health and dental plan that provides extended medical coverage and a dental plan. Enrolment in these plans is a requirement of registration at the University for all students.

The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) Extended Health and Dental Plan provides students with health care coverage to supplement the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BCMSP). It is important to note that international students are required to enroll in both the British Columbia Medical Services Plan and the KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan.

Fees for the KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan are included in the Kwantlen Student Association Fees which students will pay with their tuition. These fees are:

Student Association Extended Health Plan

$ 85 per year

Student Association Dental Plan

$ 110 per year

Only students who can provide proof of comparable health and dental coverage from another provider are eligible to opt-out of the mandatory KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan. For further information regarding the KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan.

Province of British Columbia Coverage

Note that it is mandatory for international students who plan to stay in the province of British Columbia for more than 6 months to enroll in the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BCMSP). Please see the BCMSP website for detailed information.

International students must apply for BCMSP coverage within the first 10 days of arrival in British Columbia. The waiting period to receive this coverage is 3 months. As soon as students receive proof of coverage under BCMSP, they are required to opt out of the KPU Temporary Medical Insurance Plan.

To apply for BCMSP, students are requested to apply online or to mail the application form along with a copy of their study permit, and copies of any dependents' immigration documents, if applicable. Payment is not required at this point. BCMSP coverage will take effect 3 months after the student's arrival date in British Columbia. Note that there may be a few weeks of overlap in coverage between the two temporary and the provincial plans. 

Students will receive a BC Service Card and a confirmation of coverage letter in the mail along with an invoice for payment of the BCMSP monthly fees.

Please refer to the Medical Insurance page for more information.

Note: The British Columbia Services Plan (BCMSP) is a provincial government program. Application and payment of monthly fees are separate from KPU-related fees on the student's account. The KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan (see below) provides students with health care coverage that supplements the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BCMSP) (i.e. provides additional services). The KSA Extended Health and Dental Plan is mandatory, as a result of student referendum, and these fees are included as part of the Kwantlen Student Association Fees paid by each student with tuition.