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Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients

In Spring 2022, KPU International awarded $300,000 to 60 international students. Read more about these scholarships and scholarship student testimonials.

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Over $135,000 in Regional Entrance Scholarships Awarded

To support KPU International's vision of diversity, we offered eligible students from key emerging markets an opportunity to receive a Regional Entrance Scholarship of up to $5000. The scholarship recognizes students demonstrating exceptional academic achievement and intellectual promise, and encourages more applicants from these emerging markets to choose KPU as a learning destination. 

"The passion and professionalism of the professors are impressive, and the classes are intensive and of high quality. I have always had a desire to learn about arts; thank you KPU for making my dream come true!"

- Hyojin Lee (South Korea), Faculty of Arts, 
2023 Regional Scholarship Award Recipient

Regional Entrance Scholarship Recipients

2024 Spring

Torabi, AhmadFaculty of Science
Retada, Lanvette D.Melville School of Business
Khajehzadeh, AidaFaculty of Science
Shrestha, AushnaMelville School of Business
Bhatta, SmritiFaculty of Arts
Oluwole, Oluwatobiloba EMelville School of Business
Alaei, KavyanMelville School of Business
Mata, Carla Jane MMelville School of Business
Das, ArpitaMelville School of Business
Dela Cruz, Darlene MMelville School of Business
Lama, SajanMelville School of Business
Cerbolles, Georgie AMelville School of Business
Thapa, AjitMelville School of Business
Mohamed Nauffer, AanishaMelville School of Business
Oduola, Olatunwa AMelville School of Business

2023 Fall

Aishat BalogunMelville School of Business
Diego Minor MartinezFaculty of Arts
Ebere NwosuMelville School of Business
Geraldine Fernandez LandinginMelville School of Business
Giovani Brutini HeadleyFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Highest LapuzMelville School of Business
Jennifer SmithFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Jose MendozaMelville School of Business
Katya Cabrejos SantillanMelville School of Business
Kithmi Dileka AbeynayakaMelville School of Business
Marie Lourdes Lopez DyMelville School of Business
Mark NapizaFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Melissa Sanchez PerezFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Muhammad Mushfiq ChowdhuryMelville School of Business
Soledad Alicia Esquivel ValderramaFaculty of Arts

2023 Spring

Aiyanna TiangcoMelville School of Business
Yashodha LiyanageMelville School of Business
David ReyesMelville School of Business
Domenica Najera CruzMelville School of Business
Euve CandaMelville School of Business
Grace BiswasMelville School of Business
Hyojin Lee    Faculty of Arts
Kyla Salvador  Faculty of Science and Horticulture
Lais Alves PenafortMelville School of Business
Ma TorrenoMelville School of Business
Mohiuddin AminMelville School of Business
Parmis AtaeeFaculty of Arts
Phu TranMelville School of Business
Rosette FielMelville School of Business
Viet Vo Melville School of Business

2022 Fall

Arshia NeupaneMelville School of Business
Chika Laureth EzeanochieMelville School of Business
Denis BugarinMelville School of Business
Gil Cafrune GoschFaculty of Health
King LeeMelville School of Business
Melissa Arbocco FreyreFaculty of Arts
Nguyen Bao AMelville School of Business
Nguyen Tuong Van Melville School of Business
Nina RozinWilson School of Design
Priscylla da SilvaMelville School of Business

2022 Spring

Binthea MushfikiMelville School of Business
Abigail ViñasFaculty of Arts
Bruce Yoryu UekawaFaculty of Arts
Bruno Egidio FurquimMelville School of Business
Charlene KwongMelville School of Business
Dat DratMelville School of Business
Eileen BiswayanFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Hao Yu JiangMelville School of Business
Hector RamirezFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Joyce PhamMelville School of Business
Luis Andres Ugalde VelazquezMelville School of Business
Marina Chau Wah ChengMelville School of Business
Nai-Tzu KaoMelville School of Business
Pimpisut SirirattanasakunFaculty of Arts
Sanni HassanMelville School of Business
Selamettin GencozMelville School of Business
Shi ZheyuFaculty of Arts
Sudeepta SukhiMelville School of Business
WenHao GuoFaculty of Science & Horticulture
Yeong Hwa LeeFaculty of Science & Horticulture
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$200,000 in KPU International Merit Scholarships Awarded

As part of KPU International's commitment to supporting international students' academic journey, we offered eligible students with impressive academic achievements an opportunity to receive a one-time Merit Scholarship of $5000. The scholarship is intended to celebrate the academic achievement of deserving students in attaining their educational goals, meeting their program objectives and succeeding to their fullest ability at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

"I’ve had an opportunity to meet wonderful people, challenge my thinking, and strengthen my skills. I am grateful for [the Merit Scholarship] which reminds me that there is value in hard work."

- Laurina Austin-Seade (United Kingdom), Wilson School of Design 
2023 Merit Scholarship Award Recipient

Merit Scholarship Recipients

2023 Spring

Chelsea Mauridi Faculty of Arts
Yuheng He Faculty of Arts
Yingyue Li Faculty of Arts
Ankita Gupta Melville School of Business
Roxana Dalirpour Melville School of Business
Tushar Rai Melville School of Business
Doan Thuc Anh Dang Wilson School of Design
Gabriela Hiramoto Wilson School of Design
Xinrui Ju Wilson School of Design
Nhi Nguyen Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Mahak Sharma Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Tobias Carl Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Navkash Brar Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Manjot Kaur Melville School of Business
Manikdeep Guliani Melville School of Business
Bao Nguyen Melville School of Business
Van Nguyen Melville School of Business
Jay Sharan Melville School of Business
Anmol Khaira Melville School of Business
Paula Cortes Diaz Melville School of Business

2022 Spring

Abdul Rehman Melville School of Business
Akanksha Jambhulkar Melville School of Business
Anjali Thakkar Faculty of Arts
Arshdeep Kaur Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Ben Fu Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Berenice Beau Wilson School of Design
Cesar Giraldo Orduz Melville School of Business
Clara Devina Wilson School of Design
Denise Baeta Abrunhosa Melville School of Business
Emee Joe Mathew Wilson School of Design
Ibrahim Al-Helli Melville School of Business
James Oswald Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Jessica Rodriguez Damian Faculty of Arts
Jiajian Liang Melville School of Business
Jorge Arango Gallego Melville School of Business
Klara Joubert Wilson School of Design
Mona Thakar Melville School of Business
Monica Mahser Lomelin Wilson School of Design
Natalia Rocha Silva Tartarotti Melville School of Business
Oscar Curiel Gonzalez Melville School of Business
Prabh Singh Melville School of Business
Qini Zhou Melville School of Business
Rainier Cruz Melville School of Business
Rayan Rahman Melville School of Business
Ruiyang Ma Faculty of Arts
Runbin Chen Faculty of Arts
Shewani Goyal Melville School of Business
Shweta Soni Melville School of Business
Simranjit Gill Faculty of Arts
Sukhjit Kaur Melville School of Business
Surman Sidhu Melville School of Business
Swapnil Taware Melville School of Business
Thi Huong Nguyen Melville School of Business
Tianhao Wen Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Vasu Khare Melville School of Business
Xinrui Ju Wilson School of Design
Yik Yu Chan Faculty of Arts
Yiyi Li Faculty of Arts
Yue Chan Melville School of Business
Zarin Tazreen Wilson School of Design

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Student Testimonials

  • Image
    Student sitting in a coffee shop wearing a black puffer jacket, holding a take out coffee.

    Abigal Eiden M. Viñas

    Faculty of Arts
    International Merit Scholarship Awarded

    "I decided to broaden my knowledge and that is why I enrolled Bachelor of Arts Major in Creative Writing in KPU. I know that with the help of KPU and my perseverance, I can achieve my dream for 10 years. As of now, my professors and classmates are a big help to achieve my dream because they are easy to approach to and very patient to me especially that this is my first semester in KPU.”

  • Image
    Student standing in front of a red industrial bridge outside, overcast weather, student wearing a green zipper hoodie.

    Hector Ramirez

    Melville School of Business
    Regional Entrance Scholarship Awarded

    “KPU was the best option for me because of the experiential learning opportunities it provides and that fits perfectly with me as a hands-on learning enthusiast. I decided to pursue the Diploma in Horticulture at KPU because apart from high academic standards and its practical application, it is a multicultural center that offers an infinity of activities to develop myself comprehensively.”

  • Image
    Image of Vietnamese student in Vietnam on a river with palm trees in the back

    Thi Huong Nguyen

    Melville School of Business
    Regional Entrance Scholarship Awarded

    "I decided to return to school after a few years working in procurement and logistics in Vietnam. At first, I was quite doubtful about my decision, leaving all behind to head for the OSCM program at KPU. After one and a half years, I consider choosing OSCM at KPU is one of the right decisions that I have made in my life.
    KPU has so much to offer: the passionate professors with advanced academic degrees and proven industry experience; the well-designed course; friendly and awesome classmates [and] a great deal of supporting resources. I feel motivated and grateful for the study journey at KPU.”

    Student standing in a forest pathway wearing puffy vest in sunny afternoon weather.

     Andres Ugalde Velazquez

    Melville School of Business
    International Merit Scholarship Awarded

    “When I discovered a program that could turn sustainability into something applicable, through Business Management, I was inevitably drawn towards KPU. A university that has strong connections with industry, guaranteeing practical and vanguard knowledge. As I’ve come to discover during my first term here, it delights me to confirm not only that, but the fact that KPU goes the extra mile, caring about students’ wellbeing and success both now, and in our future careers.”


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