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Educational Agents

Educational Agents

Calling All Agents

With 5 campuses, 140+ programs, and 20,000 full time students each year, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is one of the largest and most exciting universities in Canada's Metro Vancouver region. It’s why thousands of international students from around 70 countries choose to study at KPU each year.

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Meet Our Students

A KPU student is someone who wants more out of their post-secondary education than just textbooks and lecture halls. Students who want to learn through hands-on instruction, gain experience in the real world, and build connections to industry employers will fit right in at KPU.

Whether your students have a eye for design, a head for business, or a desire to help others, they can pursue a wide range of disciplines at KPU. From the social sciences to laboratory science to farrier science, KPU offers academic and trades programs, including preparatory, vocational, undergraduate and graduate, that aren't found at a traditional university.

  • Candice

    Candice Chen


    Candice is a successful small business owner—and her journey started right here at KPU. As a student in the Melville School of Business, she loved the way she could make new friends and...

  • Carina

    Carina Corinth


    “I was doing a year of work and travel first, and I loved Canada so I decided I wanted to stay here longer… [I chose KPU after] an agency recommended that KPU would be a great fit...

  • Chiragveer Teja

    Chiragveer Teja

    alumni, international

    “Being in a 35-person classroom really helps the instructor student connection—I’m still in touch with a lot of instructors who taught me over four years ago.”

  • Dorcus Colina

    Dorcus Colina

    alumni, international

    “I had a lot of options [to choose from]…Australia, the US…but when it came to opportunities—the benefits of Canada outweighed everything.”

Become an Authorized Educational Agent for KPU

KPU is currently seeking partnerships with educational agencies from select regions to achieve our goal of student body diversification. If you are interested in becoming an authorized KPU agent, please get started by filling out this webform.