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KPU Agents

Becoming an Authorized Agent Representative

KPU is currently taking applications to become an authorized KPU agent from select regions. Please email to provide your agency information and request an application. If we are looking for agents to represent KPU in your region we will send you an application form.

Please carefully review and follow these step-by-step procedures:

1. Complete the Application to Represent KPU as an International Student Agent and submit to

Please include the following information with the application:

  • References from three Canadian post-secondary institutions to whom you have referred students; include referee names and contact information
  • Formal proof of licensing and registration to operate as an educational agency
  • List of geographical areas from which students are recruited
  • List of services offered to students
  • Fees charged to students (if applicable)

Note: KPU International evaluates applications from prospective agent representatives based on the above criteria. Strong applications will include provision of all requested information, with particular emphasis placed on the delivery of favorable references.

2. Once KPU International has evaluated and approved the application package and communicated with all 3 references, a training session will be scheduled.

The training session will include:

  • An overview of KPU and the Polytechnic University Model of education
  • An introduction to KPU's programs
  • An outline of KPU's admissions requirements, procedures and deadlines
  • A summary of KPU's ESL programs
  • An outline of international student tuition/fees, and KPU's agent commission structure
  • A review of additional material required with submission of student applications

3. Following the training session, the agent is assigned a KPU authorized agent code and sent official KPU agent documentation, including:

  • An official contract between KPU and the agent outlining the terms of the agreement
  • Certificate confirming status as an authorized agent of KPU
  • Agent Authorization Form (AAF), including assigned agent code
  • Additional training materials
  • Marketing material for KPU programs

Frequently Asked Questions

The KPU-Agent Working Relationship

Q: Can anyone who recruits students to KPU claim commission payments from KPU? Who is considered an authorized agent representative of KPU?
A: Only authorized agent representatives of KPU who have been assigned an agent code are eligible to claim commission fees.

Authorized agent representatives of KPU have:

  • Submitted an application to become a KPU agent or met with a KPU staff member at an ICEF event and received an official contract
  • Received confirmation from KPU International that their application has been formally screened and approved by KPU International and are in receipt of an official contract
  • Received training to provide accurate information and guidance to prospective students regarding the KPU admission process
  • Assigned an agent code by KPU International

Note: An authorized agent representative does not have special access to KPU programs and services, and cannot guarantee admission to KPU nor guarantee the issuance of a study permit.

Q: What is the commission fee structure for KPU authorized agent representatives?
A: Authorized agents of KPU will receive a contract outlining our commission structure.

Q: How do authorized agent representatives receive commission payments?
A: Twice per semester, KPU provides agent representatives with an up-to-date agent report detailing the registration status of their students.

Q: What payment methods are available for commission fees?
A: By default, KPU will send a cheque by mail to the address provided on the agent's invoice. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the beginning of the semester to receive a cheque in the mail for commission fees from KPU. If requested, commission fees can also be paid by bank wire transfer, for an additional $25 administrative fee. To request payment by bank wire transfer, please include the agency's bank information on the approved invoice submitted to KPU International. Please note that Accounts Payable will deduct the $25 administrative fee from the invoice total.

Q: What should an agent do if students are missing from the Agent Report sent by KPU?
A: If pertinent information regarding students or credits is found to be missing from the report, the agent will send a detailed e-mail to, including relevant student numbers. KPU International will investigate and follow-up with the agent.

Q: Does an agent's claim for commission fees expire? How long does an agent have to claim commission fees for recruited students?
A: Invoices must be submitted each semester, no later than the 4th week after the start of classes (in September, January & May). Please be advised that KPU International will only backdate to one semester for invoices previously not submitted.

Q: How long does it take for an agent to be paid?
A: It takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the beginning of the semester to receive a cheque in the mail for commission fees from KPU.

Helping Students Apply to KPU

Q: How can I help a student apply to KPU?
A: Applications to KPU must be submitted online When submitting the online application form, the student has the option to indicate the agency he/she is working with and to authorize KPU to release information to the agent. Please ensure the Agent Information and Release for International Applicants section is filled out and include the agent code under agency when the application is submitted online. This will ensure that the student application is connected to the agent code.

Q: Where can I get more information to help us with the application process?
A: You can find all of the information you need on KPU International's Future Student site

Q: I am representing a student and I have questions about the application, who can I contact?
A: KPU International has regional Recruitment and Admissions Coordinators that assist our agents and students. You can find who to contact for your region If you are not sure who to contact please use our general contact information and somebody will direct your call or email to the correct person.

KPU International - Recruitment, Admissions & Articulation
General Phone: 604-599-2866
General Email for Student inquiries:
Agent inquiries:

Q: What additional documents must be submitted with each student application?
A: For admission to all programs we will require all secondary and post-secondary transcripts. For some select programs we require submission of additional documents or portfolios. Students applying to these programs will receive a letter outlining the documents required.

Applicants who have completed education outside of Canada are required to submit official credentials issued by the governing body to KPU (Certified translations are required when the original language is not in English or French). Official credentials must be sent directly from the issuing body. Official credentials must be a detailed statement of completed courses and corresponding grades. A graduation statement is also required on the credential when applicable. (Notarized copies are not accepted by KPU).

All documents submitted to KPU become the property of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

For more detailed information on the types of documents required for admission, refer to Required Documents.