How to Apply

Choose Your Program

KPU has over 140 unique programs to choose from! Check out the International Viewbook to explore your options.

TIP: Programs at KPU are categorized as either open intake or limited intake. Application times and requirements differ between the two intake types. See how your program is categorized.

Find out KPU program availability here.

Understand the Admissions Requirements

In addition to the general undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate admission requirements noted here, many programs will have additional program requirements. Your program's specific requirements are listed on its program page on Faculties & Programs A-Z.

Undergraduate Admission

To be admitted as a student in an undergraduate program (i.e. a certificate, diploma, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree program), you will have to show that: 

  • You meet KPU’s English proficiency requirement*
  • You have graduated high school (secondary school) OR completed 9 or more credits of undergraduate-level credits from a recognized institution (Note: it is also possible to be admitted to certain programs as a mature student)

For limited intake programs, please visit Admission Intake Types to view additional specific requirements. 

*Don't meet KPU's English proficiency requirement? You can still come to KPU with the KPU International Pathway to Undergraduate Studies!

Post-Baccalaureate Admission

To be admitted as a student in a post-baccalaureate program, you will have to show that: 

Graduate Admission

To be admitted as a student in a graduate program, you will have to show that:

  • You meet KPU’s English proficiency requirement 
  • You have graduated from a bachelor's degree program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.67
  • You have reference letters, resumes, and/or statement of intent depending on the specific Graduate Admissions requirement of your faculty

TIP: If you want to enter an open intake undergraduate program but you don’t meet the English proficiency requirement, you can still be admitted to KPU through the KPU Pathway

Review Application Deadlines

KPU can't accept late applications, so it's important to apply for your program by the admission deadlines. For general information regarding admissions for international students, program availabilities, and updates regarding registration, please visit the KPU International front page. For entrance scholarship information and deadlines, visit the KPU Student Awards and Financial Assistance website.

TIP: Some limited intake programs extend their application deadline if space permits!

Apply Online

Start your application to KPU by applying online and paying the $120 application fee. TIP: KPU only accepts one application per intake semester for each student, so pick which program you wish to study carefully.

Note: When applying online, you will be able to authorize an educational agent to help you with your application if you so choose. If, after applying, you wish to authorize an additional or different agent to help you with your application, you must complete an Agent Authorization Form and email it to from your KPU student email. 

Receive Your Next Steps Letter

Once you complete your online application, we'll send you your Next Steps Letter by email.

  • You'll get a KPU student ID and KPU email account.
  • You'll get instructions on how to access your Online Self Service (OSS), KPU's online student portal.
  • On the OSS, you'll find the Application Checklist, which lists any additional documentation you’ll need to submit to complete your application.
  • The Application Checklist contains the most up-to-date information regarding your admission status. 

Make sure to check both OSS and your KPU email regularly— all official communication regarding your admission will be sent to these accounts.

Complete Your Application

You'll need to submit transcripts and proof of English proficiency, along with any other additional documents required for admission (as listed in your Application Checklist). If you're submitting testing results for the English proficiency requirement, please submit by emailing scanned copies to TIP: Your KPU application won't be processed and you can't be offered admission until you fulfill all the requirements on the Application Checklist, so make sure you do so as soon as possible. 

New for 2021: Applicants who are admitted to the International Pathway to Undergraduate Studies now have more flexibility to update their English testing scores before the start of term! 

Resubmitting Your English Testing Scores

Time Frame


Before you're admitted to KPU

You can resubmit English testing scores an unlimited number of times for re-assessment.

After you're admitted to KPU but before the submission deadline before the start of your first semester

You can resubmit English testing scores ONE time for re-assessment. 

*The submission deadline is the first day of the month prior to the start of the semester: 

  • Fall: Aug 1
  • Spring: Dec 1
  • Summer: Apr 1
After the submission deadline You cannot resubmit English testing scores

If you submit new English testing scores before the deadline, you will be re-assessed to the appropriate pathway level or UG directly and you'll receive an updated LOA for the next available term. 

Receive Your Offer of Admission

If your application is successful, we'll send you a Letter of Offer of Admission. Included in this offer will be a request to pay a non-refundable* confirmation deposit of $5,000 CAD that will be applied towards your KPU tuition.

*Refunds of the confirmation deposit are only available in the event of a visa denial from the IRCC. See Refunds for details.

Accept your Offer of Admission

Accept your Offer of Admission by paying your confirmation deposit of $5,000 CAD before the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission. You can make this payment through your Online Self Service (OSS) account. TIP: If you don’t accept your Offer of Admission by the deadline, the offer will expire and your application will be closed.

Receive your Acceptance Package 

Congratulations on accepting your Offer of Admission! You are now officially a student of KPU. You will receive an acceptance package with a Letter of Acceptance and the Accepted Next Steps Info Sheet. You’ll need these documents to start the preparations for your arrival.


Get Your Study Permit

Visit the Study Permit page for submission guidelines and deadlines. International students are required to have a valid study permit from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in order to study at KPU. Additionally, international students will be required to submit proof of their valid study permit to KPU before the start of their program. Apply directly to IRCC for a study permit as soon as you have received your Letter of Acceptance from KPU. 


All new international students must complete the online orientation and attend the on-campus new student orientation

Online Orientation
This self-paced course will teach you all there is to know about starting your academic journey at KPU. Information about taking the online orientation will be sent to your KPU email near the start of term. Complete the online orientation before attending the in-person orientation on campus.

New Student Orientation
Every semester, new KPU students are welcomed at the New Student Orientation. 

New Student Orientation is a fun day where current KPU students will introduce you to the campus, answer questions, and help with preparations for the first day of class. You’ll also get to get to know your new cohort of classmates, meet the International Advisors who will support you as an international student, and explore all the cool amenities KPU has to offer. You’ll also get your spiffy new KPU Student ID Card! Make sure to bring your KPU student ID number, photo identification, and study permit to orientation.

Download iCent

Get to know KPU before you arrive by downloading iCent. It’s a free app we’ve developed to help you adjust to life away from home and to connect you to an array of KPU services. Additionally, we’ll send you periodic notifications about events, deadlines, and more through the app.
Useful features include:

  • Pre-departure Checklist
  • Arrival Checklist
  • Campus Services and Locations
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Register for Classes

Preparing for Registration
The University has prepared a Registration Guide for KPU students. Be sure to read through this guide before your assigned registration time so that you are well prepared! Think you need additional support? Come see an International Advisor.

Registration Times
You will receive a personalized registration date and time (known also as your “registration time ticket”) on your Online Self Service (OSS) about three weeks before registration opens for the semester. A notification email will be sent to your KPU email as well. TIP: Register right away—classes fill up quickly so you may not get the classes that you want if you wait.

Dropping and Withdrawing 
Just like registering for classes is your responsibility, dropping classes is your responsibility as well. Drop all unwanted classes by the right deadlines to avoid paying part or full tuition for the class, and to avoid affecting your academic record. Learn more about Dropping and Withdrawing

Pay Your Tuition

Your payment is due by the fee payment deadline, which is listed in the Dates & Deadlines of each semester. You’ll be charged late penalties if your payment is made after the fee payment deadline has passed. Learn How To Pay for your tuition.