Dropping & Withdrawing

There are very important differences between dropping and withdrawing from a course; the option available to you depends when you are attempting to drop or withdraw. Below outlines the academic differences between the two.

For information about fee reversals for dropping or withdrawing, see Fee Deadlines & Refunds.

Dropping a course

Registration in a term/semester normally starts about 8-9 weeks before a semester commences (see Dates & Deadlines for term-specific dates). Throughout this period, and up until the add/drop deadline, you can drop a course using the Registration application. When a course is dropped, the course is completely removed from the student record. Whether or not fee penalties are assessed depends on if the term has started; see Fee Deadlines & Refunds for information related to reversed fees for dropping courses.

The add/drop deadline for a full-semester course is different than an intersession course. See Dates & Deadlines for term-specific dates, as well as any non-standard add/drop and withdrawal deadlines for the current term. 

If you intend not to attend KPU for a term, you must ensure that you drop any courses you are registered in by the established deadlines (see Dates & Deadlines or Fee Deadlines & Refunds).  Check your schedule after dropping as, unless you have officially dropped, you are considered fully registered, will be charged for the course, and will be assigned a grade.  

Drop from course

Withdrawing from a course

Once the add/drop period is over, the withdrawal period commences and students are eligible to withdraw themselves from a course until the withdrawal deadline. If a final grade has been entered for a course, the option to withdraw is no longer available. Once you withdraw, the course remains on your student record with a "W" grade. The "W" is not calculated in your term or cumulative GPAs. No fees are reversed for withdrawn courses; see Fees Deadlines & Refunds for more information.  After the withdrawal deadline, you cannot withdraw from a course unless you have grounds to request a withdrawal under extenuating circumstances. 

The withdrawal deadline for a full semester course is different than an intersession course. See either Dates & Deadlines or the Academic Schedule for Senate-approved full semester and intersession withdrawal dates, or Dates & Deadlines for any non-standard add/drop and withdrawal deadlines for the current term.  Check your schedule after withdrawing as, unless you have officially withdrawn, you are considered fully registered and will be assigned a grade. 

Withdraw from course

Prior to withdrawing from a course, consider the following supports available to all students:

Conditional Add and Drop

The Conditional Add and Drop feature, when checked, allows you to attempt to switch sections in your registration on the condition that you are able to add the new course without a registration error.

If there are errors preventing you from successfully registering in the new course, you will see a message in the top right of your screen: "Unable to make requested changes so your schedule was not changed."  Your registration status in the Summary window will show you what the error is.

If you did not encounter any errors, your registration change will be saved and your Registration Status will show "Registered" highlighted in green.

If you do not check the Conditional Add and Drop checkbox and receive an error for your newly selected course, the course you selected to drop will drop and the new course will not be added. 

Watch this video on How to Drop or Withdraw from courses!

Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the stated withdrawal deadline for the term and are expected to voluntarily withdraw themselves online if seeking a course withdrawal for any reason prior to the stated deadline.

Only those circumstances that are unexpected, extenuating, or beyond the student’s control that arise after the stated withdrawal deadline, or that prevented a student from withdrawing before the stated withdrawal deadline, should necessitate a withdrawal under extenuating circumstances. Only in rare circumstances will a partial withdrawal be considered. Students requesting a partial withdrawal will be required to provide additional justification in support of their partial request.

Please note that approval of a course withdrawal does not result in a tuition fee adjustment.

There are a variety of reasons why a student may wish to withdraw from their studies. Before doing so, students should seek support to help determine the impact of a voluntary withdrawal and/or withdrawal under extenuating circumstances.

For complete information, please refer to Policy ST13 and its associated procedures.

To initiate a course withdrawal request after the stated deadline for the term, please complete the Request for Course Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances form.