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Reserves and Restrictions


Click here for specific section reserve seat information
UPDATE - August 1st: All Reserves have now been lifted (unless otherwise noted on the file in the link above)

NOTE: Seat reserves for the Fall 2019 term will be removed on Thursday August 1, 2019.  Any reserves still in place after this date will remain on for the duration of the registration period.

Some sections during a term have seats reserved for a particular group of students.  If a section has seat reserves, this will be displayed in the class search under the column Reserved Seats.



Most reserves are removed from sections approximately three weeks after the start of registration and those seats then become available for all students eligible to register in the course. 

Most reserves are for international students, but if there is a section where you would like to check the reserve details, refer to the Reserved Seat Information document above.


Click here for specific section PDF icon Restriction Information

Courses may have restrictions limiting registration to students in a specific program.  For example, Nursing courses may be restricted to students in the Nursing program.  Restrictions on a course are not removed at any time during registration.  If you attempt to register in a course with restrictions that you do not meet, you will receive a registration error.  To see specific details about restrictions on a section while in the Registration application, click the course title.  In the Class Details window, select the Restrictions tab – any restrictions on the section will be displayed.  To see a list of courses with restrictions, refer to the Restriction Information document above.