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Fee Deadlines & Refunds

Whether or not fees will be reversed for dropping or withdrawing from a course is dependent on when in the term you are attempting to drop or withdraw. Below outlines fee reversals for full semester and intersession courses (see Dates & Deadlines for specific add/drop and withdrawal deadlines).*

Deadline Fee reversal
Before the term starts If you drop a full semester or intersession course before the term starts (see the "first day of classes" for the term or intersession on the appropriate Academic Schedule), 100% of tuition and fees are reversed.
From the first day of term to the add/drop deadline If you drop a full semester or intersession course once the term has commenced and before the add/drop deadline, 70% of tuition and fees are reversed. See Dates & Deadlines for the appropriate add/drop deadline. The full semester add/drop deadline normally falls at the end of the first week of the term; the intersession add/drop deadline is normally the second day of the intersession.
During the withdrawal period No fees are reversed when you withdraw from a course. See Dates & Deadlines for withdrawal dates.

Questions regarding refunds of reversed fees? Contact Student Enrolment Services.

Fee payment deadline

The fee payment deadline is published on Dates & Deadlines for each term. You must ensure that your tuition and fees for the term (this includes for Session 2 courses) are paid by this deadline to avoid being assessed late payment fees.

Students are NOT dropped automatically from a course if you do not attend or pay your term tuition and fees; if you intend not to attend KPU for a term, you must ensure that you drop any courses you are registered in by the established deadlines.

*Non-standard add/drop and withdrawal deadlines for the current term are linked on Dates & Deadlines.