Action Items

Step 1

Once you log into Registration Self-Service, you will see a notification about pending action items. Click on "Continue" or "View Action Item(s)" to review.

Screenshot of action notification

Step 2

Select Action Item(s) on the left which show a status of "Pending" to open the task.

Screenshot of pending actions

Step 3

Carefully read and complete your assigned task on the right side of the page. Select "Save" to save your response. *Note* you may come back to the same action item before its end date to change your response.

Screenshot of complete action

Step 4

Once all your tasks are completed (as indicated by the progress bar), click on "Return" to go back to Registration Self-Service.

Screenshot of all actions complete


  • After completing Step 4, if action item notification message still displays in Registration Self-Service, please refresh your browser then click on your desired menu item.
  • If you do not see any pending action items, this is not an error; we do not require you to respond.
  • If you completed all action items but still cannot register, please confirm you do not have any account holds, and, confirm it is after your assigned registration date and time.
  • (SIN Action Item only) If you have already provided your SIN but are still prompted with the action item, please select the first response.
  • (SIN Action Item only) International students who do not have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) should select the second response.