Final Exams

Exam Schedules


Exam Overloads

Policy AR18, Final Examinations and Overloads (see Bylaws and Policies) allows students who have three exams scheduled in one day to seek an accommodation. To pursue an accommodation, students should first contact the Office of the Registrar The Office of the Registrar will confirm that you have three or more exams in one day and contact the three instructors on your behalf. It is unlikely that an accommodation can be made if you wait until the exam period has begun, so ensure that you are checking your exam schedule very early in the term.

Weather Warning

In the event that KPU is closed due to inclement weather, new dates/times will be posted online for exams that were affected. If the university is open, you are expected to attend your exam at the scheduled place and time.

Students are reminded to check their account for specific updates. If you miss a scheduled exam that the university has not cancelled, there are no assurances of a make-up exam.

For overall campus status information, please check Campus Status Updates regularly.