International Peer Mentorship Program

Trust your mentor. “Not only open your mind, but open your heart to the other.” — Rabbi Victor Gross

Welcome to IPM!


About the Program

The International Peer Mentorship program is designed to support first term students at KPU. First term students are paired with a current student (Mentor) to help provide them with all the information they need to succeed in their first semesters! Mentors hosts events and programs so that they can meet other first-year students and find their KPU community! 
  • Mentors

are trained to support the needs of their mentees by providing them with information about resources and support services available to all KPU students. Mentors share their experience as KPU students with their mentees and assist them in developing the skills and strategies. In addition, mentors help create community at KPU by hosting online social events for mentees in the program to connect with other first-year students. It is a great opportunity for current students at KPU to get a valuable experience and monetary compensation, whily studying. 
  • Mentees

are the first-semester international students at KPU, who will get paired up automatically with the mentor on their first semester. They will be contacted by their mentor during the first week of the classes and receive virtual support throughout the entire semester. As a mentee, make sure you reach out to your mentor if you have any questions or concerns. Join monthly social events, organized by mentors to meet new friends, play
some games and more.

Should you have an International Peer mentor:

  • Are you an international student at KPU?
  • Are you a first-semester student at KPU?
  • Are you an undergraduate student at KPU? 

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, you will be paired with an International Peer Mentor who will guide you through your first semester at KPU. If you have not heard from your mentor or have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to email to inquire or learn more.

**Please Note:

  • If you are a graduate student or a post baccalaureate student at KPU, you should be paired with a Student Success Coach.
  • If you are an exchange/visiting student, you should be connected with a Global Peer Buddy.
  • If you are a domestic student at KPU, you should be linked with the KPU Collective. 

IPM Welcome Social

Join the IPM's New Student Welcome Social! If you're embarking on your first term at KPU as a new student, you'll have the opportunity to participate in our welcome social, which is organized by KPU International Student Life team and supported by the peer mentors. The event is typically scheduled during the first week of classes. You should receive an invitation from your mentor about a week before the event. 

Come and mingle with your fellow students, both mentors and mentees, engage in fun games, groove to music, enjoy complimentary snacks, and much more. What better way to kick off your journey at KPU than by forming meaningful connections from the very start?


Spring 2024

Winter Wonderland Welcome

What: Winter Wonderland Welcome - International Peer Mentor Welcome Social
When: Friday, January 12, 12 pm -2 pm
Where: Spruce Atrium
Why: Join the International Peer Mentors as they welcome new international students to KPU during the First Year Festival. The event will be a Whimsical Winter Wonderland full of fun activities and opportunities to connect with mentors and mentees. You can enjoy warm drinks, yummy treats, free giveaways and event maple syrup tasting. So please come out to have fun and connect with others from your KPU community!

For more information about flexible programming and activities open to all first-year students happening in May 2024. Keep an eye on the First Year Festival calendar for more information. 


Interested in becoming an international peer mentor? Join our team today!

Are you an international, domestic or indigenous student who is interested in working at KPU and supporting new international students? Join our team of professional International Peer Mentors and start making an impact now.


Our International Peer Mentors

  • Eileen Faith Biswayan

Eileen Biswayan

"Being out of my comfort zone, in an unfamiliar place, different weather, and around culturally diverse people was one of the scariest yet exciting moment of my life. IPM helped in alot of ways not just as a mentor but also as a mentee. I myself was a mentee last Spring 2022, and my mentor back then helped me to learn and understand more about the resources we have in KPU which until now I am grateful for. Now as a mentor I am able to share my experiences and knowledge about these resources to my mentees. And the discovering never stops because they constantly update these resources to help and reach out to more students. Lastly as an individual, IPM contributed to who I am today, they honed my skills in communicating to other people effectively in person and in email, gave me a chance to meet new people to build relationships that can last a lifetime and opened up new doors of opportunity for me to grow. That’s why I am really grateful to be a part of the IPM family!"

  • Scarlett Johnson

Scarlett Johnson

"My role as a peer mentor has been an invaluable experience, one that I am beyond grateful for. Connecting with international students and providing them with a warm welcome to KPU is something I look forward to at the start of each term. I have met so many amazing individuals through the international peer mentorship program who continue to make my time at KPU extraordinary. Working as a mentor has made my university experience unforgettable, and I feel honored to play a part in new international student's experiences as well!"

  • Manvinder Rayat

Manvinder Rayat

"I always possessed the urge to help people, in whatever ways possible. International Peer Mentorship fueled that urge of mine. Since I joined the mentorship program, I have noticed a considerable evolution in me and the fellow students whom I assisted throughout this time. For all the future students coming to KPU from across the globe, you don't need to panic about starting your post-secondary in a new country. The International Peer Mentorship team has got your back."

  • Aiyeza Casale

Ayieza Casale

"Although I am nearing the end of my academic journey, I have discovered more services, resources and support from the school through IPM. Not only am I better informed, IPM has become my foothold in the professional field. IPM is my first job in Canada, and they have provided me with a solid foundation for future careers. To name a few of the many skills I have learned: collaboration, adaptability, communication, professional language and empathy. With the support of my supervisors and fellow peer mentors - topped with the experiences and knowledge I gained from being a student at KPU - helping new international students adjust to Canada while starting college has been fulfilling, and at the same time, ensuring that my mentees feel supported and that their unique experiences are valid."

  • Amandeep Sura

Amandeep Sura

"Being part of the International Peer Mentorship Program has been an incredible journey. Continuously learning about the wide range of resources that KPU offers to international students and collaborating with the dedicated IPM team and fellow mentors has been truly amazing. Through this journey, I've not only improved my communication skills but also formed meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. As an international student myself, I deeply understand the challenges and the sense of newness that students might feel. It's an honor for me to be their pillar of support, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and part of our KPU family."

  • Arshnoor


"Here is my testimonial: I feel immense gratitude in being provided with this opportunity to work and support international students. Being an international peer mentor, I have learnt a lot of skills like planning events, navigating resources and also how to work in a team. I highly value my experience in this program as I get to share my experiences with new students and help them with resources. This also allowed me to make great connections and help my peer with things that might be basic but not too basic when you are new to the country. Thank you IPM for providing me with this role and I love being a part of this wonderful team!"

  • Aryan Bansal

Aryan Bansal

"As a peer mentor at KPU, my role extended far beyond the traditional classroom setting. I was entrusted with the responsibility of being a source of inspiration, a listening ear, and a reliable guide to those who sought assistance. Each interaction was an opportunity to foster a sense of community and to inspire a shared commitment to learning. To my fellow mentors and mentees, thank you for being part of this remarkable chapter in my academic journey."

  • Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur

"As an International Peer Mentor, I've had the incredible opportunity to connect with and support fellow international students as they navigate their academic journey in a new country. Through various events and support services, KPU ensures that international students not only excel academically but also thrive socially and emotionally. It provides a platform for international students to find their footing, make friends from around the world, and receive guidance from those who have gone through similar experiences. In the world of education, fellow students make the best guides and I’m really glad to help my mentees and help them guide the way to succeed.”

  • Sukhreet Kaur

Sukhreet Kaur. Peer Mentor

"Being a Peer Mentor has given me significant opportunities for personal development. It empowers me to positively impact the lives of my mentees, assisting them in surmounting challenges and reaching their goals. The deep satisfaction that comes from aiding others is remarkably fulfilling. Serving as a Peer Mentor also offers the prospect of developing leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, allowing me to enhance my abilities in providing guidance, and motivating others. Furthermore, it allows me to forge strong connections with my mentees and fellow mentors."

  • Naman Bhandari

Naman Bhandari

"The mentoring program has shown me the importance of fostering friendships in a supportive environment. As a Peer Mentor, I've grown both personally and professionally, discovering valuable resources for international students at KPU. This experience has made me a better individual and allowed me to create a welcoming community for my mentees. The program has taught me to connect with diverse backgrounds and build meaningful relationships. It's an honour to be part of this journey."