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CAMPUS STATUS UPDATE: ALL CAMPUSES ARE OPEN (read more): December 4th 2021

Learn about KPU’s plans for January 2022
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Due to COVID-19, KPU International has transitioned to providing all our services remotely.

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Developing New Partnerships

KPU's Academic Plan and Vision 2023 outline a future that is built on four pillars: experience, sustainability, creativity, and quality.

The KPU International Office is one of the largest in Western Canada, with a diverse team of more than 50 professionals and over 20 languages spoken. KPU International's passion and dedication to students and their success is always at the forefront of their efforts. 

Mission: To foster transformational experiences and international connections that nurture and empower globally minded learners.

Vision: KPU International is a hub rooted in an inclusive and diverse environment that opens doors to global learning opportunities for all.

We are striving to meet strategic goals, such as increased opportunities for faculty exchange, diversifying our classrooms, and expanding in areas such as research collaboration. 

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Areas of collaboration may include:

Please contact one of the Global Development Managers to explore potential areas of collaboration. We are always open to new and emergent ideas.