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Registering using the Registration application

From the Registration landing page, select Register for Classes (if you have not yet logged in, you will be directed to the OneLogin page) and select a term from the dropdown menu. If you are eligible to register for the term you selected, you will be directed to the Register for Classes page and will be able to choose from:

Find Classes

In the Find Classes tab, you are able to search for classes to add. You may search by subject and/or course number. If you wish to narrow your search criteria, choose Advanced Search. Clicking on the course name will display more information about the sections such as prerequisites and restrictions. When you are ready, add your choice to your Summary by clicking the Add button. For more details about searching for classes, see Browse Classes.

Once you add a course, your Summary window will show the course as Pending and it will be displayed in the Class Schedule window on the bottom left of the screen. To register for the course, select Register/Registered in the drop-down menu and click the Submit button. If you are successfully registered in the class, your Summary window will display Registered highlighted in green. You may submit your registration one course at a time, or wait until you have added several sections to submit. To drop a course you are registered in, select Remove in the drop-down menu and submit.

If you leave your selection in the Pending mode, this course will not be added to your registration. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your registration activity is correct.

If you see an “errors preventing registration” message in the Summary window the errors will be identified at the top right of your screen. A full list of error messages and what they mean can be found here.

Linked sections

Some courses, such as science and modern languages, may require you to register in a linked section or lab. The results of your class search will indicate if a section has a link. Clicking on the course title will display the Class Details window where you can choose the Linked Sections tab for more information about your linked course.

To register for linked courses, select the Add button for both of the linked sections that fit your schedule. You may also click on View Linked button to display the link options and then choose Add All to add both the link options to your registration summary. Once you have added your selections, click Submit.

Conditional Add and Drop

The Conditional Add and Drop feature, when checked, allows you to attempt to switch sections in your registration on the condition that you are able to add the new course without a registration error.

If there are errors preventing you from successfully registering in the new course, you will see a message in the top right of your screen: "Unable to make requested changes so your schedule was not changed."  Your registration status in the Summary window will show you what the error is.

If you did not encounter any errors, your registration change will be saved and your Registration Status will show "Registered" highlighted in green.

If you do not check the Conditional Add and Drop checkbox and receive an error for your newly selected course, the course you selected to drop will drop and the new course will not be added. 


Most sections have waitlisting available; if a course you wish to take is full, you may put yourself on the waitlist by choosing Waitlist/Waitlisted in the dropdown. Students are ordered on waitlists by the time in which they waitlisted for the course.  To see your position on the waitlist, select the Schedule Details tab in your Class Schedule window.  The message under your waitlisted course will give you information about the course including your position on the waitlist and when your offer expires if you have been sent a seat offer.  If you do not see a message, click on the arrow to the left of the course title and the message will display.

Once you are first on the waitlist and a seat opens in the section, you are sent a waitlist offer by way of an email to your KPU student email account. You only have 24 hours to accept your offer, so you must check your email at least once a day to avoid missing an offer.  If you do not register within the 24 hour time limit, your offer will expire and you will be removed from the waitlist. Please ensure that the device where you check your emails is set to Pacific Time, as that is the time zone the deadline is based on.

To accept your seat offer, go to your registration Summary window. The dropdown menu for the course will now display the Register/Registered by web option. Select this option to register for the course.

See more information about waitlisting.

Enter CRNs

Under the Enter CRNs tab, you are able to register by entering the CRN directly if you know it.  Once entered, the title of the section, subject code, course number and section number will display. Select Add to Summary to add the section.


If you have created one or more Plans (see Plan Ahead for more information on creating a plan), you are able to register directly into one, some or all the courses in your plan. Choose the Plan you wish to use. You have the choice of adding all by selecting the Add All button, or add courses one at a time with the Add button.

Schedule and Options

Once you have registered or waitlisted for courses, you can check your registration using the Check your Schedule tab. A summary of your registration is displayed. You can email your schedule, with an attached .ics file for your calendar, to your KPU email as well as up to three other email addresses, or print a copy for your reference.

Pay your Fees

Once you have finished registering and wish to pay your fees, you can return to your Online Self-service account by clicking on the four squares in the left top corner of your screen, choose Banner, then Student Menu.  You can then choose to review your balance and pay your fees.  The fee payment deadlines is published on the Dates and Deadlines page. More information about methods of payment can be found here.

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