Prepare for Registration

Before you Register

Review your program requirements

  • Before you register, review the courses you need for your program by logging into My Action Plan (MAP).  MAP will show you your current progress and the requirements still needed to complete your program.  Please note that every student must declare their program of study before they apply to graduate.  See Program Declaration for more information about declaring.
  • The University Calendar is the official guide to academic programs, courses and regulations.  It includes all academic programs offered at KPU, requirements for admission, course descriptions, curricular requirements for graduation, dates of the academic terms, and fees.
  • An Educational Advisor can assist you to plan your schedule and your progress toward graduation.

Check your registration time and eligibility

Students are assigned registration dates and times based on Policy AR10, Priority and Scheduling of Registration (see Bylaws and Policies). To check if you have been assigned a registration date and time, select Prepare for Registration on the main page of the KPU Registration application. This page will display your registration eligibility, whether or not you have any holds, your total credit count, any registration overrides and your program information.   

If you have a registration time and date assigned for the term, you will see this message.

Prepare for Registration

See Registration Dates & Times for more information on how registration dates and times are assigned.

Plan your Schedule

Based on your program requirements, you can plan your schedule. The KPU registration application includes a useful Plan Ahead tool where you can browse classes and create up to three sample schedules before registration even opens. To start creating your plans, select the Plan Ahead link on the main page of the KPU Registration application. See Plan Ahead for more information about the new tool.

Review the dates and deadlines for the term

It is your responsibility to know the dates and deadlines concerning your registration.  Important dates for each term are published well in advance of the term on the Dates and Deadlines webpage and in the Academic Schedule in the University Calendar. Be sure to review the dates and deadlines as missing a deadline can negatively impact your registration, grades and fees.