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You want to go on exchange and have an amazing experience. You want to travel, learn about a new culture, live in a different environment and enhance your learning through exposure to different educational methods and courses.

You have the power to make the most of your exchange experience and we at KPU want to help you do so. We have five campuses to choose from in the beautiful Greater Vancouver area. We offer an exceptional academic environment with smaller classes meaning a more supportive, intimate learning environment. We hire faculty who love to teach and we offer interesting and innovative courses. KPU is the ideal choice.

Are you an exchange student looking to come to KPU?

Find out more information about the exchange application process and what you need to know before arriving. Download the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) PDF iconStudent Survival Guide for all the info on what the KSA has to offer.

Are you an exchange student looking to meet new people?

Consider joining our Global Buddy Program. The Global Buddy Program is a social network of current KPU students who are interested in welcoming new incoming exchange and visiting students to KPU. A Global Buddy Mentor's role is to help the incoming students navigate KPU’s student services, invite the students to events, and provide necessary support that ensures a comfortable stay and a sense of belonging in Canada. Email to express your interest in joining the Global Buddy Program.

Are you not an exchange student, but still interested in applying as a full-program (certificate/diploma/degree-granting) International student to KPU?

Find out more about our institution please visit our KPU International page.

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