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Exchange - Before you Arrive

There is much to do before you actually arrive at KPU. This portion of our website will guide you through the steps so that you can best prepare yourself for exchange. First, determine whether you are an exchange student or a visiting student then use the links in the menu bar to find out more about what you need to know. 

Am I an Exchange or Visiting student?

Exchange and visiting students follow very similar processes to come to KPU. Please use the definitions below to identify which category you fit into.

Exchange Student

An exchange student is someone from one of KPU’s partner institutions who has been nominated by their institution to come on exchange to KPU. Exchange students pay tuition and fees to their home institution and not to Kwantlen.

Visiting Student

A visiting student is someone who is not from one of KPU’s partner institutions and who wishes to spend one semester or a year at KPU without earning a credential from KPU. Click here to learn more about Visiting Student. 

Now that you're sure you're an exchange or visiting student, here is some important information you need to know in order to apply and come to KPU!

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