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Exchange - Application Process

Here you will find important information about the application process to come to KPU as an exchange student.

If you are an international student seeking a KPU degree, please click here

Process for exchange students applying from one of KPU’s partner institutions:

  1. Apply through your home institution. You must be nominated to KPU by your home institution. Please contact your institution's international office.
    KPU will not process your exchange student application unless you have been nominated by your home institution.
  2. Once you are officially nominated by your home institution and have received confirmation, you can download the following spreadsheet to fill in your personal details and Preliminary Course Selection Incoming Exchange - File Incoming Exchange Applicant Details .xlsx
  3. Please prepare a list of 8-10 classes that you may wish to take at KPU and that you will be able to transfer back into your program, on the second sheet of the File Incoming Exchange Applicant Details .xlsx document.
    Please include the course code and number. You can find all the relevant information on KPU’s course calendar or timetable.
    For example, if you want to take BUSI 1100 - Fundamentals of Business in Canada, you would include "BUSI 1100" on your list.
  4. Please have a scanned copy of your passport photo page ready. You will need to enter your details and upload such copy in the following section.
    If you are a Design or Fine Arts student: Please be prepared to present  your portfolio  through the following options:
    - URL
    - File Upload
  5. If you wish to take KPU courses with pre-requisite requirements, please be prepared to submit the appropriate course outlines for classes on your transcript that may apply as pre-requisites for your course approvals.
    Please ensure to submit your document/file using the following name format:
    "Firstname Lastname_Name of Document"
    e.g. John Smith_course outlines
    *All course outlines must be submitted in English
  6. Please ensure to submit your transcript document/file using the following name format:
    "Firstname Lastname_Name of Document"
    e.g. John Smith_transcript 
  7. Once you have collected all the material needed to apply, please click here to fill out your application.

KPU Faculties with Restrictions or Special Entry Requirements

Faculty Requirement
Faculty of Design Portfolio
Faculty of Humanities - Fine Arts program Portfolio


English Language Requirement

Based on our exchange partnership agreements, exchange students who intend to take regular undergraduate courses at KPU are expected to meet the language standards governing all KPU students. Exchange students are not entitled to any special consideration in assignments or examinations due to perceived language disadvantages. Partner institutions are responsible for nominating students that meet KPU’s requirements. See English Proficiency Requirements for Admission.

KPU reserves the right to request Proof of Language Proficiency.


Application and Nomination Deadlines


Nomination Deadline

Application Deadline

Fall (September to December)

April 1

April 20

Spring (January to April)

September 1

September 20

Summer (May to August)

January 1

January 20

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