Processing Times


Note: When contacting us regarding your application status, please make sure that you include your full name, date of birth and your KPU 9 digit student number in your e-mail.

Below you will find the approximate processing times for your application. While we work diligently to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner, please note that the processing times below are estimates only. Extra processing time is required during high volume times. 

Approximate Processing Times
Next Steps Letter
  1. It includes your Student ID (9 digits) and outlines when you can expect to receive your Next Steps Letter.
  2. The Next Steps Letter is issued to a student after application to KPU.
  3. Includes your KPU email information and instructions on how to sign in to your OSS (Online Self-Service) account. Please ensure to check your KPU email regularly, as all communications between you and KPU will be held there.
  4. Detailed steps regarding the admissions process will be explained in this letter.
3-7 business days after you submit your online application.
Offer Letter
  1. The offer letter will be issued after the successful processing of your supporting documents.
  2. In order to accept your offer of admission, you must pay the non-refundable* confirmation deposit.
  3. Your Offer Letter package will contain: Sample Budget Letter, Estminated Tuitions Fees, Estimated Living Costs, and if applicable, ENTA Scholarship Offer.

Open Intake programs: offer letters will be issued approximately 10 - 20 business days after receiving all supporting documents.

Limited Intake programs: for most programs, offer letters will start to be issued after complete application packages have been received. In some cases, Offer Letters will be issued in order of applicant ranking.  

Letter of Acceptance
  1. Your Letter of Acceptance package is the final step in your application process at KPU!
  2. Once you have received your LOA, you are ready to apply for a Study Permit. Ensure that you apply with sufficient time before the start of classes.
The Letter of Acceptance (LOA) package will be issued approximately 3 business days after the receipt of the international confirmation deposit.
Transfer Credit
  1. Transcripts are sent directly from the issuing institution to KPU and are assessed for equivalencies with KPU courses.
  2. If you are transferring from another school in British Columbia, please visit to see if your courses are transferable.
Approximately 8- 12 weeks after receiving your transcripts and course outlines.

*The non-refundable confirmation deposit will be refunded only if the student’s study permit application is denied by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Proof of denial must be presented when requesting the refund.