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Major Entrance Scholarships & Awards

Fall Intake opens on October 15* and closes on April 15   
Spring Intake opens on February 15* and closes on August 15   
*Application period starts in year preceding intake term                                                                                  

Students who applied for admission to KPU for the first time in the Spring or Fall semester are invited to apply for the KPU Major Entrance Scholarships,  KPU Entrepreneurial Leadership Degree Full Ride Entrance Scholarship, and/or Donor-Funded Entrance awards. 

Entrance award applicants will be short-listed and ranked by the Scholarships & Awards Selection Committee, based on the criteria of each award. Please review the scholarship criteria and the documentation requirements outlined below before completing your application.  

Award payment is subject to admission and confirmation of enrollment (minimum 12 credits per semester) and final marks of eligible candidates, prior to the disbursement of the award. 

A minimum CGPA of 3.0 or greater is required for continuance purposes.


KPU Major Entrance Scholarship

  • The President's Scholarship ($30,000)
  • The Merit Scholarship ($7,500)
  • The Indigenous Entrance Scholarship ($7,500)

PDF icon Major Entrance Scholarship Criteria

Required Supporting Documentation
  1. Students Out of High School for 2 Years or Less - Minimum one reference letter (MUST be current, written within the last six months) from a High School counsellor, teacher or principal supporting the application, AND minimum one reference letter to support community involvement, leadership or volunteer activities.
  2. Students Out of High School for More Than 2 Years - Minimum two reference letters (MUST be current, written within the last six months) from independent sources, to support recent community involvement, leadership or volunteer activities.


KPU Entrepreneurial Leadership Degree Full Ride Entrance Scholarship

The fund is the Melville School of Business Entrepreneurial Leadership Endowment that was built through fundraising efforts of ENTR students over several years. This is a new award being added to others funded from this endowment. Fall semester intake: 1 new student chosen each year. 

KPU Entrepreneurial Leadership Degree Full Ride Entrance Scholarship ($30,000)


Donor-funded Entrance Awards (only available for Fall)

Awards range in value from $1,000 to $4,000.

PDF icon Donor-funded Entrance Award Criteria



  1. To start, go to your Online Self-Service (OSS) log-in page, or, click on APPLY HERE:
  2. Click on “Student Menu”
    Student Menu
  3. Click on “Student Awards and Financial Assistance” 
    Student Awards and Financial Assistance
  4. Click on “Web Application”
    award application
  5. On the Web Application page, look for the APPLICATION TYPE: Spring/Fall Term 20xx Major Entrance Scholarships & AwardsClick on “Apply” and start your application.
    Web Application
  6. Fill out the form (online) making sure to complete all mandatory questions. If you get an *ERROR* review your form to check what mandatory question/s you may have missed.
    Mandatory questions
  7. IMPORTANT: When you get to the last page, click “Yes” to the Terms and Conditions on the Personal Declaration page to ensure successful submission of your application.
  8. You will receive confirmation that you have completed your application
  9. If submitted successfully, STATUS will change to Received. You may return and make changes to your application as long as the application period is open. Just ensure you click “Yes” to the Terms and Conditions on the Personal Declaration page to ensure your changes are saved and received.


Required supporting documentation (reference letters as noted for Major Entrance Scholarship, a Student Statement or Essay (if stated in criteria), and a Budget Worksheet if financial need is noted in the award) must be emailed from your KPU email account to and must include the following information: (Your) Last Name_First Name_ENTF or ENTS.  Applications without supporting documentation will not be considered.


If you require any assistance or have questions during the application process, please contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance by email at or call 604 599 2700.