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Major Entrance Scholarships & Awards

  • Supporting documentation and transcripts will be accepted by email only to:
  • The file should be labelled as your Last Name_First Name_ENT and should also include a copy of your Personal Statement, adversity and volunteer statements (if provided on the application) as either a Word or PDF document. Transcripts should be a separate file sent in the same email. 

Students who are being admitted to KPU for the first time in Spring 2023 are invited to apply for KPU Major entrance scholarships and donor-funded entrance awards.

International Students who can provide transcripts and required documentation can also apply for consideration.

KPU Major Entrance Scholarships

  • The President's Scholarship ($20,000)
  • The Merit Scholarship ($5,000)
  • The Indigenous Entrance Scholarship ($5,000)

Donor-funded Entrance Awards (only available for Fall)

  • Awards range in value from $1,000 to $4,000

Entrance Award applicants will be short-listed and ranked by the Scholarships & Awards Selection Committee, based on the criteria of each award.

Award payment is subject to admission and confirmation of enrolment (minimum 12 credits per semester) and final marks of eligible candidates, prior to the disbursement of the award.

A minimum CGPA of 3.0 or greater is required for continuance purposes.

Major Entrance Scholarship payments will be divided between the September and January semesters, and applied to any outstanding tuition and fees first, (subject to continuance requirements). Any remaining balance will be made available to the award recipient in the form of a cheque.

All Entrance Award recipients are eligible to apply for other scholarships, awards and bursaries for which they meet the criteria.

Only one online application is required to be completed in order to be considered for any of the Entrance scholarships and awards.

Students who are being admitted to KPU for the first time in Fall 2023, must complete a separate online application (see instructions below).

Please review the following scholarship criteria and the documentation requirements outlined below before completing your application.


  • High school transcript including final Grade 11 marks and interim grades for English Studies 12 and all other academic Grade 12 courses, if available, or
  • Transfer document showing equivalent of a 3.67 transfer GPA on a minimum of 24 transferable university credits.

Required Supporting Documentation

Students Out of High School for 2 Years or Less

  • Minimum one reference letter from a High School counsellor, teacher or principal supporting the application, AND minimum one reference letter to support community involvement, leadership or volunteer activities.

Students Out of High School for More Than 2 Years

  • Minimum two reference letters, from independent sources, to support recent community involvement, leadership or volunteer activities.


High school transcript including final Grade 11 marks and interim grades for English Studies 12 and all other academic Grade 12 courses, if available. 

Required Supporting Documentation Applicable to All Students

Reference letters as noted for Major Entrance Scholarships, a Student Statement or Essay (if stated in criteria), and a Budget Worksheet if financial need is noted in the award.


The Online Application is located by clicking the "Apply Here" link below and logging into the KPU Online Self-service (OSS) portal. Students require their KPU ID (student number) and password to log in. When logged in, please follow these steps:

  1. Click “Student Menu" tab
  2. Click “Student Awards and Financial Assistance”
  3. Click “Award Application”
  4. Ensuring that the Application Type you have selected is for Spring Term 2023 Major Entrance Scholarships & Awards, click “Apply” and begin completing the application.
  5. Important – Ensure you click “Yes” to the Terms & Conditions on the Personal Declaration page in order for your application to be successfully submitted.
  6. Email your supporting documentation package on or before the application deadline to The file should be labelled as your Last Name_First Name_ENT.