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KPU offers a wide range of scholarships, bursaries and awards to recognize students with high academic standing and provide financial assistance to help meet educational costs. The online Scholarships, Bursary and Awards Guide is a comprehensive listing of awards available to KPU students.

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Before completing a KPU awards application, please read the information provided in the links below:

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship eligibility is based primarily on academic achievement. Other factors such as program, community involvement, and financial need may also be considered with certain awards. For awards that have a GPA requirement, the selection committee(s) will consider overall GPA unless otherwise stated for individual awards. Scholarships are open to all students, with recipients selected by the KPU Scholarships and Awards Committee (unless otherwise noted).

Bursary Eligibility

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need and students must complete the Budget Worksheet portion of the relevant award application in order to be considered. Supporting documentation is not required.

Award Eligibility

Eligibility for some KPU awards is based on both academic achievement and demonstrated financial need. These awards will carry elements of the eligibility criteria described above for bursaries and scholarships.

International Students

International students are eligible to apply for consideration of KPU scholarships and awards; however are not eligible for bursaries or awards where criteria includes financial need.

"No Formal Application Required" or "Faculty Recommended"

When these words appear at the end of an award description, it indicates students DO NOT have to submit an application form to Student Awards and Financial Assistance in order to be considered. The recipients will be selected through other means, such as by faculty or department selection committees.

Full-Time Enrollment is Required

Criteria that specifies "full-time enrollment is required" generally means students are required to be registered in a minimum of 9 credits at 1100 level courses, or higher, in their program of study. Awards that require higher or lower course loads will be clearly specified.

Student Responsibilities and Online Declaration Form

Scholarships, bursaries and awards are made possible by generous contributions from individuals and organizations who believe in providing financial assistance to students wishing to pursue an education. In return students are asked to:

  • Provide sufficient and accurate information, demonstrating all criteria is met, to assist the Scholarships & Awards Committee to make informed decisions.
  • Show appreciation for any and all awards received by thanking the donor in writing. Please submit your letter to Student Awards and Financial Assistance on any campus and it will be forwarded to the donor on your behalf.
  • Agree that a submitted application implies consent to review all information by the Scholarships and Awards Committee(s). Students who receive awards consent to the release of their name and image for publication.

Click here to view the Online Declaration Form

Completed Online Applications

Completed online applications will be accepted until 4:00pm of the published deadlines, unless otherwise indicated. Students will be considered for all scholarships, awards and bursaries for which they meet criteria (please refer to Supporting Documentation).

Supporting Documentation

NEW for 2022! Supporting documentation must be emailed as one file to and be labelled as your Last Name_First Name_GEN and received by 4:00pm on the posted deadline. Faculty reference letters may be included in the file or sent by faculty directly to the Scholarships and Awards Coordinator.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit additional documentation in support of each online application. Documentation may include faculty references, volunteerism/community involvement references or other material the applicant feels is relevant to their application. In addition, the Awards Guide highlights specific requirement awards (ie., essays, proof of membership, etc.) Indicate if you are submitting documents for a specific award, in your Personal Statement or on a separate page.

Documentation must be recent (preference within the last 2 years) and incomplete applications will not be considered.

*REMINDER * Review the Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide which contains important requirements.