KPU Surrey Campus Highlights

Surrey Campus Building C

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Innovative Highlights

  • Open lab system with access to standard industry equipment such as optical microscopes, UV-visible spectrometers, centrifuges, atomic absorption spectrometers, gas chromatographs, telescopes and environment chambers
  • Psychology labs to conduct computer simulation exercises and research studies
  • Visual arts studios that accommodate many specialties including painting and ceramics and a public art gallery that showcases installations by students and visiting artists

Technical Highlights

  • 36,800 sq. m.
  • 125-seat lecture hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Fitness Centre
  • Retail Bookstore
  • Courtyard areas
  • Library / Study areas
  • Conference Centre
  • Learning Centre
  • Cafeteria / Internet Lounges
  • Wi-Fi network services
  • Computer labs

Photo Gallery of Surrey Campus

Surrey Campus Building D
Surrey Campus Fir Building

Students in Courtyard
Students in Courtyard

Main Hallway
Cedar Building

Main Hallway
Gymnasium Exterior


Students Studying
Students In Courtyard

Building C Interior
Surrey Main Building Interior

Building A Library Interior
Arbutus Building Library Interior

Main Entrance
Aerial View

Lab environment with access to common industry equipment
Science Lab

Wi-Fi network services
Wi-Fi network services

Real life-simulation of symptoms of various ilnesses
Real life-simulation technology