Foundations in Teaching Excellence

Foundations in Teaching Excellence


FTE System

The Foundations in Teaching Excellence (FTE) program was developed by the Teaching  & Learning Commons in support of Goal 2 (Teaching Excellence) of KPU’s Academic Plan 2023. We are excited to provide a flexible yet comprehensive framework for faculty professional development that addresses the core components needed to support the design and delivery of exceptional learning experiences. Following critical reflection, research, and consultation, we have identified five modules critical to teaching excellence. These include:  

  • Learning Design 

  • Learning Assessment 

  • Learning Technologies 

  • Inclusive Teaching Practices 

  • Reflective Practice 

Each module has been partitioned into two parts, which combined, provides an overview of important concepts and frameworks for that aspect of teaching practice. Within each module, Part 1 should take approximately 1.5hrs to complete and Part 2 should take approximately 2.5hrs to complete. Part 1 of each module is generally more introductory in nature, with Part 2 delving further into the topic. 

Both the content and the structure of this framework has been informed by consultations with our faculty, including at various Faculty Councils, the Senate Standing Committee on Teaching & Learning, as well as a survey of faculty and instructional staff. As a result, we are confident that this new framework meets the needs and has the support of KPU’s educators.  

We hope that the introduction of this training sparks a desire for deeper learning (provided via additional modules that are aligned with each module) and an interest in ongoing engagement with the resources and supports provided by the Commons. We greatly value and respect the expertise, experience, and passion that our educators bring to KPU’s learning environments and look forward to continuing to support your teaching practice.   

For a complete overview of the FTE, please click here. 

Our Five Modules

Learn Design

The Learning Design module provides an overview of important concepts related to effective course design and principles of adult learning. The sections within this module explore foundational pedagogical theories and frameworks that support supportive and engaging course design. Participants will understand constructive alignment and examine policies and procedures that must be considered when designing and delivering courses at KPU. Pre-designed Moodle course templates are introduced and made available to participants for designing inviting, engaging, and effective digital learning environments in Moodle.  

Additional learning modules that are recommended include: Inviting Spaces: Building Engagement in Your Online Courses, Introduction to Open Pedagogy, and Appreciative Inquiry for Faculty.  

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Learn Assessment

The Learning Assessment module provides an overview of important concepts related to assessing student learning as prescribed in course learning outcomes. The characteristics of formative and summative assessment are examined and differentiated, and the role of each method is explained.  A variety of grading methods will be explored, relevant assessment policies reviewed and strategies for maintaining academic integrity will be provided.   

Additional learning modules that are recommended include: Developing Authentic Assessments and Incorporating Intercultural Teaching and Diverse Assessment in Online Courses.  

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Learn Tech

The Learning Technologies module provides an overview of KPU’s learning technology infrastructure and explores how these learning technologies can support different pedagogical approaches. Considerations for selecting suitable technologies are provided, including data privacy and security, relevant policies and procedures, and the digital literacies required to access and effectively use these technologies. Resources for using technologies provided by the Teaching & Learning Commons and IT are introduced, as is the process for requesting additional learning technologies.  

Additional learning modules that are recommended include: Muddling through Moodle, Harnessing the Power of Conferencing Tools, and Media Creation for Teaching and Learning. 

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The Inclusive Teaching module provides an overview of the KPU student population with a focus on building awareness of multiple student perspectives and experiences. Course design and teaching approaches that consider all social identities and foster respect for all student needs are explored. Strategies for building inclusive learning communities are provided, and participants will be introduced to key vocabulary and practices related to justice and equity, including intercultural teaching, antiracist teaching, Indigenization/decolonization, and supporting 2SLGBTQ+ learners.  

Additional learning modules that are recommended include: Creating and Supporting Diverse Teams, Foundations of Intercultural Teaching Practice, and Getting to Know your International Students.  

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The Reflective Practice module introduces models, principles, and intentional activities to promote and support educators in developing their practice. By critically reflecting on our teaching, we can question the validity of our teaching assumptions and the efficacy of our teaching activities. The short, structured sections within this module explore foundational concepts and perspectives such as a growth mindset, strategies for developing reflective practices, pathways to scholarship, supportive technologies, and the development of a teaching philosophy informed by reflective practice. Guided by clear learning outcomes, participants will consider the role of reflection in the continued improvement of one’s teaching and professional practice. 

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