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KPU Library offers support to instructors and students by providing instruction for library research skills. We can help teach students about the library and basic research skills. We encourage instructors to integrate one or some of these options into their courses. 

The KPU Library offers the following three options for library research skill instruction:

1. Online Library Instructional Tools

  • Doing Research Tutorial: A Student's Guide to Finding and Using the Best Sources

    • A module-based approach to learning research skills built in Pressbooks.
    • Each module contains videos and interactive H5P exercises.
    • You can link to the full book or incorporate parts of it into your course site.
    • You can also integrate four quizzes into your Moodle Grade book.
    • Coming in 2022: students will be able to earn a micro-credential with badge for this tutorial in Moodle.
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial (Badge)

    • A Pressbook-based tutorial with interactive H5P exercises.
    • You can incorporate parts of the book into your course site at the point of need, or assign the tutorial independently.
    • Students receive an electronic badge, which is visible to instructors, if they successfully complete quizzes for the four parts and submit an Academic Integrity declaration in Moodle.
  • Citation Style Guidance

    • Citation guides for the three most used citation styles at KPU: APA, MLA, and Chicago.
    • APA Citations Pressbook: an open educational resource that features information, guidance and H5P exercises that can be incorporated into coursework. Coming in Fall 2021: MLA and Chicago resources.
    • Academic Integrity Pressbook: an open educational resource that has brief sections on each citation style that can be assigned to students.
  • Research Help Guide

    • A general introduction to library research with videos and activities for your students.
    • See other Subject Guides for virtually any program area at your fingertips.
    • Your Liaison Librarian may be able to create a customized guide for your course, upon request.
      • These guides can be embedded into Moodle. You can do this yourself or ask your liaison librarian to do it for you if you give them temporary instructor access to your Moodle course.
      • Sample course guide embedded into Moodle.

2. Synchronous Library Research Skills Workshop in Zoom or BBB

  • To book a synchronous session, or to discuss additional ways we can support student learning asychronously, please contact your Liaison Librarian.
  • Note: a synchronous workshop for one section can be recorded for later viewing by students in the same or other sections. Students must be made aware that the session will be recorded before the class.

3. In-person Library Research Skills Workshop

  • Face-to-face workshops can take place in a library computer lab, or in your classroom.
  • To see if this option is available, or to book a session, please contact your Liaison Librarian.

A note about library assignments: Please discuss with your Liaison Librarian if you would like students to complete some form of assignment/assessment for any of these forms of instruction.