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Frequently Called Numbers


Tech Campus Library Langley Campus Library
604-598-6030 Service Desk 604-599-3204 Service Desk
604-598-6041 Equipment Counter 604-599-3209 Equipment Counter
604-598-6035 Fax 604-599-3202 Fax
604-599-2000 Kwantlen Polytechnic University Switch Board
Richmond Campus Library Surrey Campus Library
604-599-3111 Service Desk 604-599-2103 Service Desk
604-599-3350 Equipment Counter 604-599-2216 Equipment Counter
604-599-2532 Fax 604-599-2106 Fax
604-599-2000 Kwantlen Polytechnic University Switch Board


Management and Faculty Directory


Name Title Phone/Fax Email
Todd Mundle University Librarian 604-599-3400
Ann McBurnie Manager, Library Resources 604-599-3415
Shannon Rego Administrative Assistant 604-599-3309




Name Title Phone/Fax Email
Jennifer Adams
M.L.I.S., M.Ad.Ed
Acquisitions & Collection Assessment Librarian 604-599-3066
Celia Brinkerhoff
M.A., M.L.I.S.
Faculty of Science & Horticulture Liaison 604-599-3235
Chris Burns
Data Services Librarian & Criminology Liaison Librarian 604-599-3198
Kelsey Chaban Student Engagement & Community Outreach Librarian 604-599-3236
Rachel Chong Indigenous Engagement & Anthropology Librarian 604-599-2090
Denise Dale
B.Sc., M.L.I.S.
Archives & Design Liaison Librarian 604-599-2999
Caroline Daniels
A.T.C.L., B.A., M.L.S.
Systems,Web & Interlibrary Loan Librarian 604-599-3036
Mirela Djokic
B.A., M.L.I.S.
Public Services Librarian 604-599-3389
Lisa Hubick
B.A., M.L.I.S.
Faculty of Health & Psychology Librarian 604-599-3404

Andre Iwanchuk
B.A. (Hons), M.L.I.S.

Business Librarian 604-599-3486

Sigrid Kargut
Liaison Librarian for Faculty of Academic & Career
Advancement, History, Political Science, Sociology
Ulrike Kestler
B.A., M.L.I.S.
Public Services Librarian 604-599-3199
Karen Meijer-Kline
B.A., M.A., M.L.S.
Scholarly Communications Librarian 604-599-2978
Allison Richardson
Dipl. Mus., B.A., M.L.I.S.
Electronic Resources & Music Librarian 604-598-6026
Angela Ryan
B.A., M.L.I.S.
Trades Librarian 604-598-6040
Linda Woodcock
B.A., M.L.S.
Technical Services & Serials Librarian 604-599-2450


Departmental Liaison Areas


Program Area Librarian Phone Email
Academic & Career Preparation Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Access Program for People with Disabilities Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Accounting Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Acupuncture Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Adult Basic Education Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Agriculture Celia Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Anthropology Rachel Chong 604-599-2090
Appliance Servicing Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Applied Business Technology Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Applied Communication Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Applied Science Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Apprenticeships Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Asian Studies Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Astronomy Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Automotive Service Technician Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Biology Ceila Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Brewing Celia Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Business/Business Administration Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Career Choice & Life Success Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Carpentry Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Chemistry Celia Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Computer-aided Design & Drafting Technologies Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Computer Business Systems Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Computer Information Systems Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Computer Science Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Counselling Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Creative Writing Mirela Djokic 604-599-3389
Criminology Chris Burns 604-599-3198
Cultural Studies Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Economics Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Education Assistant Program Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Educational Studies Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Electrical Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Employment & Educational Access Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
English Mirela Djokic 604-599-3389
English as a Second Language Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Entrepreneurial Leadership Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Environmental Protection Technology Celia Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Farrier Training Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Fashion/Fashion Design Denise Dale 604-599-2999
Financial Services Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Fine Arts Jen Adams 604-599-3066
First Nations and Indigenous Studies Rachel Chong 604-599-2090
Foundations in Design Denise Dale 604-599-2999
French Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Geography Jen Adams 604-599-3236
Graduate Nurse Internationally Educated Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Graphic Design Denise Dale 604-599-2999
Health Care Assistant Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Health Foundations Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Health Sciences Celia Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Health Unit Coordinator Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
History Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Horticulture Celia Brinkerhoff 604-599-3235
Human Resources Management Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Information Technology Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Interdisciplinary Design Studies Denise Dale 604-599-2999
Interior Design Denise Dale 604-599-2999
Japanese Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Journalism Jen Adams 604-599-3066
Legal Administrative Studies Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3066
Liberal Education Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Linguistics Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Low Voltage Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Mandarin Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Marketing Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Masonry Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Mathematics Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Metal Fabrication Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Millwright Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Music Allison Richardson 604-599-6026
Nursing Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Parts & Warehousing Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Philosophy Mirela Djokic 604-599-3389
Physics Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Plumbing Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Policy Studies Mirela Djokic 604-599-3389
Political Science Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Preparatory Studies/Qualifying Studies Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Psychiatric Nursing Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Psychology Lisa Hubick 604-599-3404
Public Relations Andre Iwanchuk 604-599-3486
Public Safety Communications Angela Ryan 604-598-6040
Punjabi Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Sociology Sigrid Kargut 604-599-2378
Spanish Ulrike Kestler 604-599-3199
Welding Angela Ryan 604-598-6040


University Mailing Address & Campus Locations


Kwantlen Polytechnic University Library
12666-72nd Avenue
Surrey, BC V3W 2M8
Campus Library

5500-180th Street
Surrey, BC

Campus Library

20901 Langley Bypass
Langley, BC

Campus Library

8771 Lansdowne Road
Richmond, BC

Campus Library

12666-72nd Avenue
Surrey, BC