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KPU Card

The KPU Card

Your KPU Card is a card that identifies you as a current KPU student or employee. It is also your library card.

A KPU card gives you access to campus services such as library services, tap access to printing, and the intercampus shuttle. You also might need to identify yourself while on campus, in class, for exams, or if you use a U-pass. 

Use your KPU Card to borrow library material and equipment and access library services. You are responsible for the items borrowed on the card and any charges that might accrue. 


Please read this important information about KPU's Personal Information Collection Guidelines | KPU Card Submission Form

Submit your information and a photo to KPU Library so we can make your card. We let you know by email when your card is ready. It can take a few days, so plan ahead! Use the KPU Card Submission Form to begin. You are eligible to apply for your KPU card one month before your classes begin. 

After receiving an email from the library that your KPU card is ready, pick it up at a Library Service Counter during our opening hours

You must show government-issued photo ID to pick up your KPU Card. Your card will be at the campus library you selected in the KPU Card Submission Form. 

If the photo submitted for your KPU card does not match your government issued photo ID, the Library reserves the right to refuse to issue the card.

Need help submitting your photo and form?  PDF icon Step by Step instructions for submitting your KPU card photo

If you wish to print or photocopy on campus, load funds onto your PaperCut account using the instructions on while on campus. You can also add funds via the Library Service Counter at any campus library.  

Acceptable photo example:

Acceptable photo for KPU cards

***All specifications must be met in order for a KPU card to be issued. If your photo does not meet these photo standards, we will not be able to create your card. You will be notified by email and you will need to submit a new request and photo. ***

  • Photos must contain a clear view of the entire face, head and shoulders squared to the camera. 
  • Only colour photos are accepted.
  • Files must be in jpeg format.
  • Photos must be taken within the last 12 months to ensure an up-to-date likeness.
  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible.
  • Glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are clearly visible and the glasses do not present a glare resulting from the camera flash.
  • Photos cannot be commercially produced.
  • Photo must conform to ID standards (i.e. no style filters, props or funny faces)

What photos are not accepted for my card?


Head is cut off:

photo with head cut off

Shoulders not square:

photo with shoulders not square

Low angle:

low angle photo

Unacceptable Filtered/Altered Images


blurred filter



inappropriate pixel filter


inappropriate filter with add ons


What type of ID is needed to pick up my KPU Card?

Original government issued photo identification is required to pick up your KPU Card; electronic versions are not accepted.

If you are not a Canadian Citizen, you must present your passport in order to pick up your KPU Card.

How do I update information on my KPU Card?

KPU Library issues KPU Cards with the name on your KPU file. To update your information, such as for your preferred or chosen name, visit Updating Your Personal Information with Student Enrolment Services and follow their instructions. Once your updates are confirmed with Student Enrolment Services, use the KPU Card Submission Form to apply for a new card with your new information.

I lost my KPU Card. What do I do?

Use this form to report your lost or stolen card as soon as possible.

  • You are responsible for any material checked out on the account prior to reporting the card lost.
  • Any photocopying charges made prior to the card being reported lost will not be refunded.
  • When the form is received, the library will suspend borrowing and photocopying privileges. You'll receive an email as soon as this is done.

Does my KPU Card expire?

Your privileges expire when your student privileges expire or if you are no longer employed at KPU. Hold onto your card though, we'll reactivate it if you come back to KPU.

What's my PIN and how do I access my library account?

Find out how to access My Library Account & more information about PINS/Passwords at My Library Account.

I'm not a KPU Student or Employee. Do I get a KPU Card?

There are other types of borrowers who may be eligible to use KPU Library Services. They are:

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