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Library Fines

Overdues & Fines

All Library notices are emailed to your KPU email account.

1st Notice: the day after the item is due.
2nd Notice: 4 days after the item is due.
3rd Notice: 7 days after the item is due.

Once an item is 8 days overdue, it will be assumed lost and the patron will be automatically billed the replacement cost for the item. Overdue fines will continue to accumulate. If the item is returned promptly and in good condition, the replacement cost bill will be cancelled but overdue fines will still be charged.

KPU Library patrons have the option to receive overdue, bill and hold pick up notices via text in addition to receiving them automatically by email.

Our text messaging option is available thru the following cell phone providers:

  • Bell
  • Fido
  • Freedom
  • Koodo
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • Virgin
  • Wind

To set up Text Notifications:

  1. Login to My Library Account.
  2. On the Personal Information tab click on Text Notifications.
  3. Click on Add Text Notification.
  4. In the Personal or Work Cell field specify the type of cell number.
  5. Enter your cell number in the Phone Number field.
  6. Leave the Country Code set to Canada.
  7. Check the boxes for the types of notices you would like to receive via text.
  8. Click on Save.

Please note if a cardholder opts in to receiving SMS (text) messages regarding their Library account, the cardholder is aware that messages and data rates may apply and their phone number and KPU Library SMS message content will be disclosed and stored temporarily outside Canada. For more information on how the Library collects and manages your personal information, please see

  • Hourly fines are calculated 24 hours a day.
  • Fines do not accrue for dates the library is closed.
Item Rate per item
Course reserves 2 & 4 hour loans: $2/hour. All other loan periods: $5/day.
Equipment $2/day
Laptops $10/day

Types of Bills

FINES Description
OVERDUE Fine for equipment returned late
RESERVEOVD Fine for Course Reserve material returned late


Repair Costs
AV_DAMAGE Bill for item returned withe extensive damage and cannot be put back into the Library collection. If not paid, this bill will be converted to a FINAL BILL.
AV_LOST_EQ Replacement cost bill for KPU equipment. If not paid, this bill will be converted to a FINAL BILL.
AV_LOST_PT Bill for lost KPU equipment parts. If not paid, this bill will be converted to a FINAL BILL.
CLAIMS_RET Bill for item that was claimed returned but not found by the Library. If not paid, this bill will be converted to a FINAL BILL.

Bill for either; If not paid, this bill will be converted to a FINAL BILL.:

  • Repair costs e.g. rebinding.
  • Replacement costs if item was too extensively damaged to be returned to the collection.
FINAL_BILL Replacement cost bill for Library material. If found, the Library will not accept the material back. Bill must be paid.
LOST Bill for item reported lost to the Library or for an item that is assumed lost by the Library. If not paid, this bill will be converted to a FINAL BILL.

Bills Not Paid

Failure to return library material or failure to pay fines, damage or replacement costs will result in the loss of library privileges.

Borrowing is denied for outstanding amounts of $25 or more.

For students, transcripts, diplomas certificates or citations may be withheld.

Unpaid accounts may be sent to a Collection Agency.

KPU library accepts payment of bills in person at any of our service desk locations. Online payments are available via My Library Account.
Please note: There can be up to a 60 minute delay between online payment and the automatic removal of library registration holds.

If you have questions concerning your account or you want to dispute a bill, fill out the Library Borrowing & Fine Questions form
 Borrowing & Fines Questions

If you are dissatisfied with the response from your Library Borrowing and Fines Disputes submission, you may appeal to the University Librarian, Todd Mundle at

If resolution is not reached at this stage, you may request reconsideration of the decision via KPU Policy AD2 Complaints about Instruction, Services, Employees or University Policy.

Students may view their library record at any time and may wish to do so when requesting reconsideration of a decision or fine. Policy IM2 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Policy and Policy AR3 Confidentiality of Student Records/Files will be adhered to regarding library records for the purpose of resolving appeals.

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