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Book Study Rooms

Book Study Rooms

Current KPU Students: Select the campus link from the list below to book a study room for a specific time. 

Need some help booking a room? Try our Help Guide

The study rooms are intended as a place for KPU students to work and study together.  They are not intended for individual study or as meeting rooms for the business of the University.  Please be collegial and share the rooms in a spirit of cooperation. Individuals wishing a quiet study space can use our Silent or quiet Study areas shown on the maps below.

  • Richmond and Surrey Study Room Keys are due at the end of the individual’s booking time.
  • Students reserving study rooms must be currently registered at KPU.
  • Study rooms are to be used only for KPU University studies.  External tutoring is not allowed.
  • Rooms are for KPU students.  Reservations by University employees for instructional, tutorial, examination or meetings use, etc., will not be accommodated.
  • Students are limited to one booking per day for a minimum of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 2 hours per group, per day.
  • Students may reserve a study room up to 14 days in advance during the semester.
  • Only the student who makes the study room reservation can cancel it.
  • If a room booking is not claimed within 10 minutes of its start time, the room may be reassigned.
  • Bookings are required to secure the use of the room.  Students using the room without booking may be asked to leave.
  • Students who do not adhere to the above guidelines are subject to the Student Conduct Policy.
  • To access study rooms at Richmond and Surrey, you must borrow a key from the Library Service Desk. Fines will be charged for keys returned late.

KPU Library has outfitted some of our Study Rooms with technology which we hope will help students collaborate.

Langley Richmond Surrey
Room 1125

Room 1205

Room 1217

Room 1218

Room A2320

Room A2330

Room A2340

Each room comes equipped with an LCD screen with the following connection options:

  • KPU Computer
  • Personal laptop via HDMI cable
  • Wirelessly from your device

Instructions for Display Panel can be found here

We offer two different options for projecting sound:

  • Directly from the screen. The volume control is on the wall panel.
  • 4 headphone jacks with individual volume control.
    • Headphones can be borrowed from the Library Service/Equipment Counter.
      • Note: When using this option you should turn the screen volume right down or press the MUTE button on the panel.

Please note these rooms are not sound proof.

There are also 2 USB charging port available.


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