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Borrowing from Other Academic Institutions

Borrowing from Other Academic Institutions

Who is Eligible?

Students and employees from institutions within B.C. and across Canada may obtain a free Community Borrower card from the KPU library.  Procedures are here.  KPU students, employees and retired employees may obtain a Community Borrower/Extramural Library Card from other institutions.


Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements

KPU participates in two reciprocal borrowing agreements for patrons:

  • CPSLD Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements for B.C. Institutions. Check the website for participants:
  • COPPUL, through the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA) for Canadian Institutions. Check the website for participates: of which COPPUL is a member.


How to Obtain a Reciprocal Borrowing Card from a Participating Institution

A COPPUL or CPSLD card is required to obtain a borrowing card with the participating libraries. COPPUL and CPSLD cards are valid for 1 year for employees and for students they are valid for as long as your KPU card is valid.

  • Come to any campus library Service Counter, present your KPU Card or Lifetime Borrower card and ask for a COPPUL and CPSLD card.
  • Present your COPPUL and CPSLD card at the participating institution and ask for a Community Borrower/Extramural card.
  • Have your KPU Card and another piece of government issued photo identification with you.


What to Expect at Other Institutions

Borrowing privileges depend on the policies of the institution.

  • Generally, only books may be borrowed.
  • Remote access to the institution's research databases, ebooks and ejournals are typically not permitted do to licensing with database vendors.
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