University Executive

The University Executive was established to provide the President a forum for discussion and consultation on matters of strategic and common concern to KPU. It also provides for the exchange of information and views among members of the senior leadership group:

  • Alan Davis, President
  • Chervahun Emilien, Chief Financial Officer
  • Diane Purvey, Provost and Vice President, Academic
  • Laurie Clancy, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Randall Heidt, Vice President, External Affairs and CEO KPU Foundation
  • Zena Mitchell, Vice President, Students
  • Asma Sayed, Vice President, Office of Equity and Inclusive Communities
  • Peter Smailes, Vice President, Administration
  • Jennifer Duprey, General Counsel
  • Gayle Bedard, Associate Vice President, Indigenous Leadership
  • David Burns, Associate Vice President, Academic
  • Brent Elliot, Associate Vice President, Campus and Community Planning
  • Deepak Gupta, Associate Vice President, Research and Innovation
  • Nadia Henwood, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services and Registrar
  • Lori McElroy, Associate Vice President, Planning and Accountability
  • Sharmen Lee, Dean, Faculty of Health
  • David Connop Price, Director, Communications and Media Relations
  • Lily Chong, University Secretary and Executive Assistant to the President
  • Sharlene Wilson, Confidential Assistant to the University Secretary

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