Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Kwantlen, a name generously bestowed to us by the Kwantlen First Nation, translates to "tireless runner." In our obligation to live up to this name, we recognize that advancing equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization (EDID) depends on the ongoing work and tireless commitment of all KPU community members.

Vision and Commitments

KPU is committed to actively fostering an equitable and inclusive learning and working environment that enables every member of our diverse community to belong. Building such an environment is essential to our evolution into a unique, progressive and highly regarded university that upholds a culture of sustainability, creativity and quality. Our goal is not only to reflect our diverse, dynamic and growing region, but also to enable our students, employees, and friends to enjoy rich, engaging and supportive educational and working experiences.

We, at KPU, strive to offer opportunities, supports and resources for all students and employees of equity-denied groups to ensure that they thrive and succeed. We do this by actively seeking out and considering diverse perspectives and experiences when making decisions, raising awareness and understanding of equity issues, and addressing and correcting systemic barriers that may exist for equity-denied groups.

As outlined in VISION 2026, one of KPU's five goals includes:

  • Justice: KPU will build on its history of openness and innovation to help build a more just society
    • We will foster decolonization and reconciliation
    • We will advance anti-racism Initiatives across KPU
    • We will advance equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility across KPU

Communities of Support

  • Office of Equity & Inclusive Communities 

    The Office of Equity and Inclusive Communities leads the development and implementation of key anti-racism, accessibility, gender equity, and broad Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategies in alignment with the university’s Strategic Vision and Academic Plan. Click here to learn more

  • Office of Anti-Racism

    The Office of Anti-Racism supports the university in its goals to foster anti-racism; strengthens awareness and understanding of race, racism and anti-racism among employees and students; and addresses systemic barriers to full participation in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University community. Click here to learn more.

  • Indigenous Services, Initiatives, and Resources

    Through genuine consultation and engagement, KPU strives to provide a culturally safe and welcoming destination for Indigenous learners in our region. The university prioritizes being a supportive and comfortable place for connecting with and learning from Indigenous peoples and their respective ways of knowing as part of our commitment to decolonization, Indigenization, and truth and reconciliation. Learn more through the Indigenous Hub by clicking here. 

  • President's Diversity and Equity Committee

    The President's Diversity and Equity Committee (PDEC) is a broad, representational committee, composed of students and employees, which provides leadership in the advancement of equity, inclusivity and diversity at KPU. PDEC ensures the implementation of KPU's Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy HR15 and facilitates diversity and equity initiatives across the various divisions of the university, including a sponsorship/event fund and an annual Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Award.

  • Disability Inclusion Group

    KPU's Disability Inclusion Group (DIG) is committed to dismantling ableism by fostering awareness, exposing barriers, encouraging engagement, and promoting inclusion for people with disabilities. Composed of student and employee representatives, DIG's purpose is to identify opportunities to create an environment and culture at KPU where all people with disabilities feel welcome, and valued.

  • Pride Advocacy Group 

    The Pride Advocacy Group (PAG) seeks to identify opportunities to foster awareness, encourage engagement, and promote inclusiveness, thereby creating an environment where 2SLGBTQIA+ students and employees feel welcome, valued, supported and empowered. Membership composition is broadly representative of intersectional gender and sexual identities, and includes students and employees. Campus community members are encouraged to visit KPU's website to learn more about Pride @ KPU.

  • Accessibility Committee

    Established in January 2023, the KPU Accessibility Committee is responsible for assisting and advising the institution on identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to accessibility to fulfill the requirements under the Accessible British Columbia Act (the “ABCA”). 

    The KPU Accessibility Committee will continue to oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of accessibility planning at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

    The Committee created the first Accessibility Plan that launched in September 2023. Click here to access the plan.  


  • xéʔelɬ Pathway to Systemic Transformation

    The xéʔelɬ Pathway to Systemic Transformation Framework is Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s response and commitment to upholding the responsibilities expressed through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, the Calls for Justice stemming from the Nation Inquiry into Missing and Murder Indigenous Woman, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Task Force on Anti-Racism Final Report and Recommendations

    The Office of Anti-Racism was created in 2022 as one the responses to the findings of KPU's Taskforce on Anti-Racism report, which found historic and ongoing racism exists within and beyond the institution, that it is systemic, and it negatively impacts all aspects of the university’s operations and activities. This racism is rooted in overlapping (or intersectional) systems of oppression, including white supremacy, capitalism and settler colonialism, that operates at individual, institutional and societal levels.

  • Accessibility Plan

    KPU's first-ever Accessibility Plan seeks to address identified barriers and challenges to disability justice and inclusion through a series of recommendations to enhance accessibility, equity, and inclusion for our campus community. 

    Click here to learn more and access a copy of the plan. 

  • KPU's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan

    The EDI Action Plan Steering Committee was initially formed in late 2019 in response to the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP) requirement​ that institutions develop their own equity, diversity and inclusion action plans. Recognizing the opportunity to create an action plan that addresses the needs of chairholders and beyond, the committee widened the scope. In addition to its original mandate, the committee focused on leading an intentional, coordinated effort to increase employee diversity, equity, and inclusion at KPU, strengthen awareness and understanding of EDI among employees, and address systemic barriers to full participation in the university community.

    The EDI Action Plan Development Committee comprised of faculty and members from the EDI HR team, drafted recommendations that were shared to all employees for feedback in April 2023. Based on this feedback, the Action Plan is currently being updated. The entire Action Plan will reflect what is outlined in the Canada Research Chairs' Institutional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans Best Practices Guide.

  • 50-30 Challenge 

    As a participant in the Government of Canada's 50-30 Challenge, KPU is committed to increasing diversity in senior leadership roles and on its board. 

  • Scarborough Charter

    KPU's signing of the Scarborough Charter represents our commitment to take meaningful and concrete action to address anti-Black racism and promote Black inclusion in Canadian higher education.


  • Research and Scholarship

    KPU's Office of Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies recognizes that research excellence cannot be achieved without equity, diversity and inclusion. Learn more about their commitment to EDI in research and scholarship.

  • Dimensions Charter 

    KPU signed the Dimensions Charter in 2019, signaling our commitment to heightening research excellence, innovation and creativity across all disciplines through increased equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Employee Data

    In spring of 2021, the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) conducted an employee diversity census and inclusion survey (Diversity Meter) on behalf of KPU. The Diversity Meter had 44 per cent response rate. They also interviewed former Canada Research Chair nominees and applicants. The results have been summarized in a report prepared by CCDI.

    While not representative of all employees, the report provides a snapshot of KPU's demographic profile as it relates to the faculty, staff and administrative employees who participated, as well as the inclusion climate at KPU. 

  • Student Data

    KPU's Office of Planning and Accountability reports on student diversity through its student satisfaction surveys. Visit What KPU Students Tell Us to learn more.

Resources & More 

  • Employee Partners

    KPU's employee partnership with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and with Indigenous Works provides KPU employees with access to a variety of resources, including live and recorded webinars, research articles, and no-cost registration to attend best practice forums and community of practice events.

    KPU is a proud partner with Pride at Work Canada. Through this partnership, employees have access to live webinars and resources that support 2SLGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion. To access learnings email HR-EDI@kpu.ca

  • Faculty of Arts Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Awards 

    These awards honour individuals or groups/teams within the Faculty of Arts whose actions serve to advance KPU's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Learn more.

  • Policies

    Visit our Bylaws and Policies page to access policies that reflect our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, including for example:

    •  HR 15 - Diversity and Inclusiveness
    • HR 16 - Employment Equity
    • HR 21 - Respectful Workplace