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Non-Academic Support

As your International Educational Advisors, we're here to support you at Kwantlen and with your transition to Canada. Below are some helpful resources and if you still have questions, book an appointment or come to a drop-in!

Newly Admitted International Students

Current International Students

Full-Time Status and Scheduled Breaks:

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada,

“Designated learning institutions set the number of hours/credits toward a degree, diploma or certificate that is required for a student to hold full-time status. Students must cease working off-campus as soon as their status changes (e.g., a student may begin an academic session on a full-time basis and become part-time during the same session as they drop courses). One or two distance learning courses within an academic, vocational or professional training program are acceptable within the context of determining full-time status. If the designated learning institution considers a student to have full-time status during the "work experience" portion of the program (for which a work permit under the co-op work permit program is required) and the student continues to comply with the eligibility requirements under the co-op work permit program, the student may be eligible to work off campus pursuant to R186(v).”

“Students must hold full-time status during the academic session prior to, as well as subsequent to, their scheduled break. Each scheduled break should not be more than four months consecutively and students are not eligible to work full-time if the institution allows for back-to-back scheduled breaks. Essentially, taking into account reading breaks and the winter holiday, students may only work off campus on a full-time basis for no longer than five months during each calendar year (e.g., working full-time for four months consecutively during a scheduled break plus full-time during reading breaks that generally do not exceed one week at a time).”

A student who is enrolled in 9 or more credit hours in a semester is considered to be full-time at KPU. At KPU, a student who is registered in less than 9 credits hours of study in a semester is considered a part-time student.

KPU’s full-time international students with the appropriate study permit are authorized to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic term and full-time during scheduled breaks, which include:

  • End of Exams in December to the start of January term
  • End of Exams in April to the start of May term
  • End of Exams in August to the start of September term
  • One of the: Fall (September), Spring (January) or Summer (May) terms, provided students remain enrolled full-time at KPU in the term preceding the break, and full-time in the term following the break.

Last update: February 28, 2018

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