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Out of Town Testing

At this time, out-of-town testing is only available for the English Placement Test (EPT), Math Placement Test (MPT) and Trades/Vocational Test. Students may request to write a test out-of-town (if they live at least 100 kms) from one of KPU's 4 campuses.  You will be required to pay the appropriate testing fees and provide Picture ID to the approved exam invigilator.

If you would like to arrange to write a test out-of-town please take the following steps:

  1. Find an invigilator in your town or city who will watch you write your exam. (Persons allowed to invigilate exams include: Testing Administrator, Counsellor, Librarian, Teacher, Principal, or Dean (for other options please contact Assessment & Testing Services.) An invigilator cannot be: your friend, neighbour, co-worker, supervisor, family member, relative, or live at the same address as you. We do not send tests to personal emails).

  2. Contact Student Enrolment Services to confirm which test you need to take and to receive a student #.  Then click here (Out-of-Town Evaluation Form) for the form. You will be required to complete this form and mail it back with a cheque for payment. (Please note that we cannot take payment online or by telephone).

  3. Contact Assessment and Testing to arrange to have the test sent to your invigilator. Assessment and Testing will send all the proper instructions and details about your test to your invigilator.  You will also need to contact your invigilator to setup an appointment time to write your test.

  4. After you have written your test, your proctor is required to mail the original of the test back to Assessment and Testing Services. Your test will be marked and your results will be mailed to you.  This process can take up to 2 weeks from the time we receive you test back.

If you are an international student, please contact International Student Advising.

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