Melody Geddert

B.A. in English Literature (UCSB), BC Teaching Certificate (SFU), M.Ed. in Language Education (UBC)

My name is Melody Geddert.  I have a B.A. in English Literature (UCSB), a BC Teaching Certificate (SFU), and an M.Ed. in Language Education (UBC).  I have been teaching ESL at KPU since 1979, and I still enjoy it immensely!  Meeting students from many different cultures and helping them achieve their goals has been a great joy in my life.

My research interest centers on engaging reading in academic textbooks.  Presenting on this subject has taken me to conferences around the world in countries such as China, Italy, England, Wales, USA, and, of course, Canada.

On a personal note, I live in Surrey with my husband and dog.  I have three adult children. My daughter lives in Vancouver and my two sons live in Nanjing, China where they own an English language academy.  As you can see, a love of language is in the family.