Frequently Asked Questions: Online Courses

What is an online course?

This is a course you take online (over the internet), on a KPU course website called "Moodle." This website is available to students at any time for the entire semester.

Is "remote" delivery the same as  "online" delivery?

Yes, "remote delivery" is the same as an "online course."

What is the difference between the terms "synchronous" and "asynchronous"?

Your instructor will give you more details about the format of your activities and lessons and your class schedule. There will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities in your course.

Synchronous means "at the same time." This means that students participate in an online activity or lesson with their instructor or a small group. If the activity is synchronous, you will need to be online during a scheduled time with the instructor and other students.

Asynchronous means "not at the same time." This means that you do other online activities at a time convenient for you. You will be able to access the course material at any time during the semester, but you will follow a schedule and have due dates for assignments.

Do I need a computer for an online course?

Yes, you need a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet for your online course. You cannot complete an online course with a smartphone. You also need a reliable internet connection for the full term.

I don't have a computer or reliable internet. Can KPU help me?

You can use the computers and study space at the KPU libraries. However, this situation may change. Please look at this webpage about campus Library information: The library computer FAQ is available here:

Does an online course give me the same credit as an in-person class on campus?

Yes, you will get the same credit for an online course as for a course that meets on campus.

Does an online course offer the same quality as an in-person class on campus?

An online course has many advantages for students. One main advantage is that you do not need to travel to campus. All ELST course have been partially online for many years. Partially online means a combination of in-person and online classes. The ELS instructors have expertise in their subject and have been trained in online learning strategies.

Do online courses cost the same as on campus courses?

Yes, they do. Some student fees may be reduced.

How can I meet my instructor? Will my instructor have office hours?

Your instructor may schedule regular office hours where they are available to meet with you online. You will be able to request a meeting outside of office hours as well. You can also reach your instructor via email, through Messaging on the course website or via a Chat or Forum area on the course website.

Will I have to complete any work at a scheduled time?

Yes, there are deadlines (due dates) for assignments. Your instructor will give you these deadlines. There are also course resources (ex: handouts and posted material) available on your class website and can be accessed at any time for you to work on.