About the Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation

Aimee Begalka

Aimee Begalka
Dean, Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation

Our mission is to serve KPU students who are beginning their post-secondary educational journey and individuals who want to boost their career opportunities.  Many students are unfamiliar with the post-secondary world, so our instructors, staff and administrators are committed to providing the supports needed to help students feel comfortable in their learning environment.  We want you to feel not only that you belong at KPU, but that you are the reason for all of it.

The Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation takes indigenization, decolonization and antiracism seriously.  We recognize that the journey towards reconciliation is both personal and institutional, and we are committed to ensuring that both the learning environment and our workplace are diverse, inclusive, and free of racism.  We recognize our efforts are a work in progress.

ACP Anti-Racism Statement