Student Success Stories

Alison Cowiesyea

Alison Cowies - English Upgrading
"I didn’t have many expectations entering the class, but I quickly began to understand the necessity of the course and the countless benefits" [read more]

Amanda Skillin

Amanda Skillin - English Upgrading
"Assignments are not a chore to be completed but rather an exercise for me to learn and grow. For me, it’s not so much about the marks I acquire but instead about how I can do better." [read more]

Francisca Weeks

Francisca Weeks - English Upgrading
"I am thankful to the instructors of English Upgrading as they encouraged mature students to persevere." [read more]

Gabi Guerrero

Gabi Guerrero - English Upgrading
"And the course has been key in my decision to continue studying and moving forward...above all, it gave me the confidence to keep going and keep trying." [read more]

Heber Ramos

Heber Ramos - English Upgrading
"I ended up having a truly profound experience where not only my writing skills improved but also my cognitive skills ... now I think differently." [read more]

Ruby Wang

Ruby Wang - English Upgrading
"I learned a lot of skills that helped me to integrate into my university life more quickly." [read more]

Sarah Wiktorowicz

Sarah Wiktorowicz - English Upgrading and Math
"I had a wonderful experience. I had amazing instructors, and my experience brought me to new opportunities. I would highly recommend taking ACP courses." [read more]

Syed Mohammad Fahim Kabir

Syed Mohammad Fahim Kabir - English Upgrading
"I'm happy I got to be in this class because my classmates and y teacher were fantastic." [read more]

Tejinder K. Sidhu

Tejinder K. Sidhu - English Upgrading
"This course provides an excellent base for writing a four to five paragraph academic essay. I feel happy and proud of myself that I had joined this course." [read more]