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Student Success Stories

Albany Fitzgerald

Albany Fitzgerald - Career Choices and Life Success
"I have a solid plan of where I want to be when I've finished." [read more]

Alison Cowiesyea

Alison Cowies - ACP English
"I didn’t have many expectations entering the class, but I quickly began to understand the necessity of the course and the countless benefits" [read more]

Amanda Skillin

Amanda Skillin - ACP English
"Assignments are not a chore to be completed but rather an exercise for me to learn and grow. For me, it’s not so much about the marks I acquire but instead about how I can do better." [read more]

Ashly Prasad

Ashly Prasad - ACP Biology
"Being in this course not only helped me understand human biology, but it has given me the opportunity to use the knowledge I have acquired..." [read more]

Diana Orejuela

Diana Orejuela - English Language Studies
"Thanks to all my ELST teachers for their professionalism and support." [read more]

Emad Alrefai

Emad Alrefai - English Language Studies
"Confidence and bravery are the two main qualities I have gained from studying English at KPU." [read more]

Gabi Guerrero

Gabi Guerrero - ACP English
"And the course has been key in my decision to continue studying and moving forward...above all, it gave me the confidence to keep going and keep trying." [read more]

Heber Ramos

Heber Ramos - ACP English
"I ended up having a truly profound experience where not only my writing skills improved but also my cognitive skills ... now I think differently." [read more]

Hosam Mansor

Hosam Mansor - English Language Studies (ELS)
"improved my time management as a worker and student… helping me to integrate more quickly in the community…" [read more]

Hosam Mansor

Janek Bajersk - Literacy Communities
"I've been able to meet,communicate and work with new people." [read more]

Leanne Hall

Leanne Hall - APPD Program
"I was not sure what I wanted to do for a job and they gave me the support and skills to find a career in childcare." [read more]

Lisa Melton

Lisa Melton - ACP Math
"I believe in myself and my ability to overcome challenges and old paradigms." [read more]

Lyn Nguyen

Lyn Nguyen - English Language Studies
"To build a steady house, we need good bricks. So ELS provided me with a good background on which to build my career in Primary School Education." [read more]

Maryam Alkaloo

Maryam Alkaloo - English Language Studies
"In ELS, I built my self-confidence and my negotiation skills in addition to the academic skills." [read more]

Mary Kurianparambil

Mary Kurianparambil - APPD
"APPD is an outstanding and remarkable program for people with disabilities." [read more]

Navpreet Bhatthal

Navpreet Bhatthal - APPD
"I learned what I liked and what I didn’t like, what my weaknesses are and what my strengths are." [read more]

Seema Nath

Seema Nath - APPD Program
"I learned what the employers are looking for when they are hiring. I gained new skills and my confidence grew." [read more]

Nick Bransford

Nick Bransford - ACP Math
"…my instructor always made sure to follow up, providing thorough and thoughtful guidance in understanding the problems I faced… I never felt alone." [read more]

Saed Abu-Haltam

Saed Abu-Haltam - Adult Basic Education (ABE)
"The lectures and techniques taught through assignments, exercises, and films made me eager to learn how to write and share my perspective. I learned that my opinion is significant, and it matters." [read more]

Surbhi Thakrar

Surbhi Thakrar - Career Choices and Life Success
"I am very grateful for CCLS. It got me out there meeting people and building my confidence. More women need to know about the magic of this program." [read more]

Trevor Jiahao Lin

Trevor Jiahao Lin - English Language Studies
"In these courses, I not only made progress in English but also learned some amazing Canadian culture and customs, which are very useful living in Canadian society." [read more]

Sarah Wiktorowicz

Sarah Wiktorowicz - ACP English and Math
"I had a wonderful experience. I had amazing instructors, and my experience brought me to new opportunities. I would highly recommend taking ACP courses." [read more]

Tejinder K. Sidhu

Tejinder K. Sidhu - ACP English
"This course provides an excellent base for writing a four to five paragraph academic essay. I feel happy and proud of myself that I had joined this course." [read more]