Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation Programs

The mission of the Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation is to support you in becoming the most successful student you can be. We understand that options create opportunities; therefore, we provide many different ways to ease you into your university education or career goals. Our experienced faculty members are here to help you succeed by putting your needs at the heart of our student-centered curriculum.

Check us out—you'll be inspired by the options we have available for you!

Access Programs

The Access Programs teach the essential skills to become successful students, capable employees and valuable members of the community. The Access Programs Department offers the Employment & Community Studies (EACS) Program which is designed for students with diverse learning needs that hinder educational success.  The EACS courses and learning experiences will prepare students for lifelong learning, employment, and community engagement opportunities.  Students will participate in hands-on learning and work experience opportunities.

English Upgrading

English Upgrading offers adult upgrading English courses for students looking to complete their Adult Graduation Diploma, get ready for the workforce, or satisfy admission requirements for undergraduate university programs. No matter what your previous English skills, we have a variety of levels to help you progress and achieve your goals.

English Language Studies

The English Language Studies Department at KPU welcomes newcomers to Canada and international students. If English is not your first language and you need to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, our ESL and academic preparation courses will help you. Whether you are a recent high school student, a university graduate or a professional, our goal is to prepare you for success in your university studies or career.