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Access Programs

Student Success Stories

The Access Programs Department will not be accepting applications for the fall 2021 as we are in the process of redesigning our programs. 

The new program offerings will allow for applications to be received for the fall of 2022.  The first step to applying will be registration and attendance at one of our AP Information/Intake Sessions. 

We anticipate that the first AP Information/Intake Session will occur either in October or November of 2021.  Please register on the link below to be informed when we will be hosting our Information Sessions

Click here to be contacted when the Information Sessions are scheduled

Message from Aimee Begalka

Dean, Academic & Career Preparation


Access Programs suspended for the 2021-22 academic year so they can be updated


KPU has suspended intakes for its Access Programs department for one academic year, effective February 22, 2021. Current students will complete the program at the end of June 2021.


This suspension is necessary in order to restructure and revise two 10-month Adult Special Education programs:  Work Exploration and Job Preparation. These programs, which currently result in certificates of completion, do not align with the 2013 Senate-approved program revisions for these programs. Because intakes for the programs are done in the fall only, the department has continued to offer the program “as is” while also trying to undertake program revisions to meet governance timelines. 


Suspension of the programs for one academic year will provide the time necessary to complete a full program revision to update the programs and make them relevant and current.


KPU’s Access Programs are committed to providing students in Richmond, Langley and Surrey with flexible, current, and responsive programs, and after completing this important revision work, the Faculty of Academic & Career Preparation looks forward to welcoming students for the fall 2022 intake.


A small number of faculty will work on the program revision over the 2021 academic year as well as recruitment for the fall 2022 intake.  We will remain in touch with potential students and employers throughout the next year so that the revised programs can be effectively re-launched in September 2022.


The program advisory committee for these programs will continue to be consulted through the regular twice-yearly meetings


Interested potential students can leave their contact information on the Access Programs webpage in order to receive periodic updates on the program:


In order to provide some continuity for students during the suspension, we will offer an additional section Literacy for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the 2021 academic year.


Thank you for your patience as we undertake this important work.  We look forward to welcoming students and employers back into the program in September 2022.


The Access Programs teach the essential skills to become successful students, capable employees and valuable members of the community.

KPU's Access Programs Department

Program Goals

Access Programs Department (APD) offers two ten-month options for adults with a permanent disability or a combination of learning difficulties that hinder scholastic success. Students will participate in classes and have the opportunity to explore a variety of work experiences. These program options prepare students for employment, volunteer work or further education. Each program option starts in September of each year and are full-time options on our Surrey, Richmond and Langley campuses.

Program Options

  1. Work Exploration Option Students will explore work and continuous learning opportunities.  They will increase independence in campus, community and work settings.  Students will also develop essential skills through participation in a combination of employment-oriented classroom instruction and monitored work experience.
  2. Job Preparation Option  Students will investigate and prepare for future work and academic opportunities.  They will identify options for involvement in campus, community and work settings.  Students will build essential skills through a combination of employment-oriented classroom instruction and monitored work experience.

By the time a student graduates from one of our programs, s/he/they will be able to:

  • Demonstrate essential employment and academic skills
  • Identify further opportunities for volunteer work, employment or education
  • Develop plans for volunteer work, employment or education.

Admission Requirements

  • Interview with an APD faculty member
  • Learning difficulties that hinder scholastic success
  • Satisfactory English proficiency as assess according to departmental guidelines in faculty interview

NOTE:  All applicants are assessed and selected by APD faculty members.  Meeting the minimum admission requirements does NOT guarantee admission.


Program-specific details are outlined in the program option sections listed above and visit the KPU calendar through this link.


APPD students

Employment Potential

APD program options are designed to develop work-related skills, increase self-awareness and increase self esteem. With instruction and training, students work toward realizing their employment and personal potential.


For more information,contact Bryn ("Brin") Poirier at or by calling 604-599-3095.