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Counselling courses were created to give students a broad introduction to the counselling field and associated professions. Emphasis is given to both theory and practice.

Why should I take Counselling courses?

  • The content of these courses is relevant to ANY student who wants to work in a field where interpersonal skills, abilities, and insights would be an asset (e.g., social work, policing, education, business)
  • Many of the courses are mandatory prerequisites for students who want to pursue graduate work in counselling psychology
  • All courses are transferable to other local institutions

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Counselling Courses

CNPS 3310 Theories of Counselling

CNPS 3320 Career Counselling and Career Education

CNPS 3330 Cultural Considerations in Counselling

CNPS 4300 Counselling Relationships and Basic Skills

CNPS 4310 The Reflective Practitioner

CNPS 4330 Group Facilitation