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EDST Education courses were designed for students who are considering entering the teaching profession (elementary, high school, or post-secondary) and/or professions which involve a considerable amount of teaching as part of their duties (e.g., nursing, counselling, health care, business, etc.).

All courses are transferable to other institutions.

See the 2021-22 Calendar for more details.

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Education Stream!

The Education Stream was developed for students interested in pursuing work in educational settings and/or the many 21st century careers that involve teaching others (e.g., business, NGO’s, social services). Students who complete the 4 courses listed in the concentration will receive a Record of Achievement from KPU that acknowledges completion. 

Please note: KPU streams are not official degree credentials and therefore are not recorded on students' official transcripts. Students receive a separate Record of Achievement upon completion of a stream. When a student has completed the required courses they should contact Dr. Ann-Marie McLellan, Chair and Faculty member at the Department of Educational Studies, at

The education stream requires that students complete 12 credits of education courses from the list below:

EDUC 2220 Intro to Educational Psychology

EDUC 3210 Supportive Relations in Educational Settings

EDUC 3220 Children's Social and Emotional Development in Educational Settings​

EDUC 3230 Curriculum Theory and Design

EDUC 3240 Social Justice & Diversity in Education

EDUC 3250 Assessment in the Classroom

EDUC 4210 Best Practices in Teaching

EDUC 4220 The Self In Education and Counselling​

CNPS 3320/EDUC 3320 Career Counselling and Career Education - if taken prior to Spring 2021