University Transitions


University Transitions: Discover your WHY

In KPU Educational Studies, we believe success lies in developing a deep understanding of why you are in university, what you need to accomplish while you are here, and what support you need to do so. It is not just the credential that matters - it is also the way to talk about your learning, experiences, and abilities to future employers and graduate school admission that is critical to your lifelong success. In other words, don’t just get a degree, get an EDUCATION.

Learn how to be successful at and beyond university through our offering of university transition courses.

Introduction to Higher Education (EDUC 1100, 1101, 1102, 1150, and 1190):

Post-University Transition (EDUC 4100):

Our transition courses are designed to help you:
  • Discover the real purpose of education and the possibilities it provides.
  • Stand out by focusing on what really matters and preparing yourself appropriately.
  • Maximize your education and make the most out of your experience at KPU.
  • Develop the abilities necessary to succeed in your studies and beyond.
  • Refine the means by which you can communicate your accomplishments to potential employers upon graduation.
  • Connect with your peers and have fun in highly interactive learning environments.

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