Ann-Marie McLellan

B.A. Psychology (SFU), B.A. Criminology (SFU), M.A. (SFU), Ph.D. (SFU)
Surrey Office: FIR 3422
Surrey Campus: Please contact by email
Langley Office: L2017


Dr. Ann-Marie McLellan has worked in the university setting since 1995 and has taught courses in psychology and education. Areas of specialization include: Educational Psychology; Theory and History of Psychology and Education; Developmental Psychology. Specific interests include: critical considerations of educational theories and practices related to self development; interrelationships between psychological theories, research and interventions related to the self (e.g., self-identity; self-esteem; self-regulation) and the education of students as persons. Dr. McLellan is the current Chair of the Educational Studies department.

Courses taught

  • EDUC 1100 Introduction to Higher Education
  • EDUC 2220 Introduction to Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 3220 Children's Social and Emotional Development in Educational Settings
  • EDUC 3250 Assessment Practices in Education