Zahia Marzouk

Surrey Office: FIR 3421

Department Chair

Dr. Zahia Marzouk’s teaching and instructional design career has spanned over twenty years. She holds an MA in TEFL from the American University Cairo, and an MA and a PhD in Educational Psychology from Simon Fraser University. As a Post-doctoral fellow at the Educational Psychology Lab at SFU, Dr. Marzouk collaborated on designing an online learning environment with tools to support and scaffold individualized learning. Her contributions to this project included conducting experimental research that applied and expanded on theories of learning and instructional design.

Her research primarily explores how students use learning strategies and the development of scaffolds (motivational, cognitive, and metacognitive) for students aimed at enhancing student performance and regulation of learning. 

Recently, Dr. Marzouk has been awarded an SSHRC grant, affirming her commitment to innovation in educational psychology. Leading a team of researchers from Simon Fraser University, George Mason University in the United States, and Monash University in Australia, her project seeks to examine the dynamic interplay between motivation and learning. By leveraging advanced software, the team aims to analyze learners' activities and their motivational states in real-time, before, during, and after study sessions. This research employs a multifaceted approach, combining surveys, real-time data tracking, and interactive coaching by a chatbot to deepen our understanding of the interconnections between motivation, cognition, and metacognition. This innovative approach holds great potential for enhancing online learning experiences and will be openly accessible for the benefit of educators and researchers worldwide.

Courses taught

  • EDUC 1100 - Introduction to Higher Education
  • EDUC 2220 - Introduction to Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 3220 - Children's Social and Emotional Development at School

Scholarly Work