Duncan Greenlaw

BA (Queen's), MA (Queen's), PhD (Alberta)
Surrey Office: Fir 332
Richmond Office: 2490

I teach courses mainly in 20th-century literature, academic writing, and film. My research has concentrated on Irish literature (Beckett, Joyce, Yeats, and Muldoon), theories of memory and history, discourses of the Northern Irish peace process, and cinematic representations of national trauma. Publications include Borders of Mourning: Remembrance, Commitment, and the Contexts of Irish Identity; articles in MosaicStudies in the Literary Imagination, and The Canadian Journal of Film Studies; and short stories in journals such as The Dalhousie Review, Green Mountains Review, The Nashwaak Review, The South Carolina Review, The Journal, and Wascana Review. 

Courses taught

  • ENGL 1100: Introduction to University Writing
  • ENGL 1202: Reading and Writing about Selected Topics
  • ENGL 3313: Reading Canonical Authors
  • ENGL 3350: Literature and Film
  • ENGL 3352: The British Novel, 1900-45
  • ENGL 3355: Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • ENGL 4700: Special Topics in Literature

Scholarly Work

  • “‘Until Justice is Done: Memory and Authenticity in Paul Greengrass’s Bloody Sunday and United 93.’” Canadian Journal of Film Studies 19.2 (Fall 2010).
  • “Legacies of Las Vegas: Paul Muldoon and the House of Cards.” Studies in the Literary Imagination 41.1 (Spring 2008).
  • Borders of Mourning: Remembrance, Commitment, and the Contexts of Irish Identity. Bethesda: Maunsel & Co., 2004.
  • “‘Preying on Foresaid Remains’: Irish Identity, Obituaries, and the Limits of Mourning.” Mosaic 34.4 (December 2001).