Robert Dearle

BA (UVic), MA (UVic), PhD (Queen's)
Phone: 604-599-2179
Surrey Office: Fir 314

I began teaching at KPU in the summer of 2010; however, my career as a teacher began in Japan after finishing a bachelor’s degree in English. There, I taught for Berlitz before returning to Canada to complete my MA and PhD. I have also taught writing courses at Okanagan College. My areas of expertise include late 19th and 20th-Century British Literature, Modernism, and Critical Theory.

Courses taught

  • ENGQ 1099 Writing Skills with Readings
  • ENGL 1100 Introduction to University Writing
  • ENGL 1202 Reading and Writing about Selected Topics: An Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 1204 Reading and Writing About Genre: An Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 2200 Foundations of Western Literature
  • ENGL 2316 English Literature: 14th to 18th Centuries
  • ENGL 3300 Critical Theory
  • ENGL 3336 The Victorian Novel, 1837-1900
  • ENGL 3351 Studies in Modernism
  • ENGL 3352 The British Novel, 1900-1945
  • ENGL 4420 Topics in British Literature
  • ENGL 4700 Special Topics in Literature

Areas of Interest

My dissertation engaged with the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Joseph Conrad, H. G. Wells, G. B. Shaw and the culture of the fin de siècle. I maintain an interest in these writers and the period, and I have presented papers on Joseph Conrad and the fin de siècle. More recently, my attention has turned to writings related to the Anthropocene and literature, especially as it relates to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.