Robert Pasquini

BA (Hons) (UofT), MA (Ryerson), PhD (McMaster)
Robert Pasquini
Surrey Office: Fir 314

I specialize in nineteenth-century culture and literature. My ongoing teaching and research interests explore the "ever-branching" ramifications of evolutionary theory and biological sciences in print culture. I am interested in representations of nature, animals, and resilience, especially in relation to the anxieties produced by the prospect of mass extinction and ecological crisis that still resound today. In 2016, I won the Founders’ Circle Award for emergent scholars from the Victorian Studies Association of Western (VSAWC), and in 2017, I co-organized the "Resilience in a Multispecies World" conference hosted at McMaster University. My publications include scholarly articles, interviews, short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Courses taught

  • English 1100 - Introduction to University Writing
  • English 1202 - Reading and Writing about Special Topics (Representing Nature)
  • English 1204 - Reading and Writing about Genre
  • English 2341 - Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • English 3336 - The Victorian Novel

Areas of Interest

Nineteenth-Century British Culture and Literature, Literature and Science, Animal Studies, Book History, Nineteenth-Century Print Culture, Darwin Studies, Environmental Humanities, History of the Novel, Digital Humanities, & Science Fiction.